Beate Lassalle

Home Base:  Rhein-Main, Germany
Q: How did you begin to practice TriYoga?
A: I had my first yoga experience in 1999. I joined a hatha yoga class in a fitness studio – but it was kind of frustrating because I was so stiff that I was not able to do many of the asanas. And no props or options were offered. But somehow it felt good. So I looked for other yoga classes and tried different styles now and then.
But when I took my first lesson with Roselyne at her TY center in Königstein I felt ‘this is the right thing’! I loved the flows from the beginning and realized that with props everything became easier. That was in January 2002 and from that day on I have joined Roselyne’s classes 2-3 times a week.
Q: What changes did it bring into your life?
A: Practicing TY really changed a lot in my life. First of all, slowly but steadily, I became much more flexible. I feel so much better in my body than I did 15 or 20 years ago. But it also gives me more flexibility in my mind. It has changed the way I see the world and other people and helps me to cope with stressful situations in life. And it also affected my health through a change in diet. I became vegetarian about 10 years ago but I ate lots of dairy products. Inspired by the vegan diet Kaliji recommends, I cut down my consumption of dairy products dramatically and that had a great effect on my health. Before I had a sinusitis several times a year. Since I changed my diet I never had a sinusitis again.
Q: How did you decide to become a TY teacher? How did you get certified?
A: When I started TY in 2002 I was so enthusiastic and it felt so good, that I wanted to practice as much as possible. When Roselyne offered the first Basics Teacher Training (TT) in 2003 I really thought of joining. But I also had the feeling that I still was not flexible enough to attend a TT. When she offered another Basics TT in 2005 I decided to go for it. At that time I had no intention to teach. My only aim was to deepen my own practice. And that really happened. At that time I also started my regular home practice.
I got certified in 2006 and continued with L1 in 2007/2008. That also was the time I started teaching friends and sometimes substitute for Roselyne at her TY center. Later I had two small groups with a friend.
At that time I never thought I would be able to continue with L2. But one day I suddenly knew I was ready for it. In 2011 I took part in a L2 TT at Johanna’s TY center in Allershausen. And in 2012 I started L3 TT with Roselyne.
Q: How did you meet Kaliji? What does her friendship bring into your life?
A: I met Kaliji in 2004 when she came to Germany for the first time. I attended the workshop in Königstein and was overwhelmed. The wonderful flows, Kaliji’s presence, the philosophy and the chanting in the evening. From then on I met Kaliji once or twice a year when she came to Germany/Europe. It is always a great inspiration to meet her and learn from her directly. I also love the satsang! What I like so much about Kaliji and her way of teaching is, that there is no dogma or pressure. She always says ‘it all comes naturally’ and for me that is so true! (concerning the flow, the diet…)
Q:  Now you have a TriYoga community that meets regularly. How did this idea come to you?
A: For about three years I have met regularly with two friends (both TY teachers) to flow together. We always enjoyed the time together. But somehow the idea of building up a bigger community was always in my mind. Getting together with people sharing the same interests, practicing TY, being vegetarians. So last summer, after the retreat with Kaliji in Bad Meinberg, we talked about starting a community in this  area. We wrote a letter inviting all TY teachers. Roselyne was so kind to forward this letter for us as she has all the addresses.
The new TY community Rhein-Main finally met for the first time January 11, 2013. Besides flowing together our aim is to support each other in any possible way (all questions around teaching, replacement, advertising, etc).