Q: You have been teaching TriYoga in the area for a while, what made you think of becoming a TY center? When and how did you decide that?
A: The seed of interest in having a TriYoga center has been present for many years. But for a very long time, the only thing we had as a physical center was the back of my Subaru station wagon, where I carted props from spot to spot. For the first 9 years in this area, I always taught classes in other people’s spaces. Last year when we opened the studio in the community center, I wanted to start simple. Many people in our valley have had very little experience with or exposure to yoga, much less TriYoga. In addition, the community center itself had just come into existence, so people didn’t even know the name of that venue. It felt like too many layers of education to inform people about the community center, the practice of yoga, and then TriYoga specifically. So we opened for the first year as “The Yoga Studio at Old Gregg School Community Center”. It has served a purpose and now the locals know we are there and know more about what yoga is. At this location, we are reaching lots of people who’ve never done yoga before, so they are meeting TriYoga as their first experience of yoga. They have no idea how lucky they are to have this as their introduction to the world of yoga.
Q: Did you discuss the idea of becoming an official TriYoga Center with the community?
A: When I realized I wanted to make official what we have been unofficially all along, I got in touch with all the certified teachers in this area to ask how they felt about such a step. Everyone was supportive. There was nothing to discuss – we all thought it was the right thing to do. It was a simple and natural effortless Flow!
Q: Do you feel that becoming TY Center the community feels somehow different, more like a family?
A: I’m not sure how much the local community is going to notice the change. I think some people in this area will still refer to it as “yoga at the community center”. There are others here who know that they study TriYoga, but have little idea what that means on a larger scale; they don’t know the extent of what they are connected to in the world. Our becoming an official TYC may bring some of that context to light. To those of us in our community who know TriYoga in its fullness and who love this path, this movement feels like an honoring of what we cherish so deeply. The people here are amazing. The commitment to the flow in these students is remarkable. The gentle, loving spirits that make up this center are incredible. Being able to share that with the larger community and contribute our efforts to the ever-widening circles of TriYoga is an honor for all of us here.