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Ujjayi Breath


Q: Just today we were talking about the Ujjayi breath… Could you explain a bit more specific how it should be and what’s happening in the mouth/throat area? A:  The three steps KALIJI has outlined to learn Ujjayi are really the best way to feel this sound— when one breathes in as though sipping through a.. read more →

Q  In Level 3.5.1 Autumn, from Tortoise Fish to Camel 2 : What is the origin of the movement, hips or forearms? A Lift from the hips. Use arm strength as needed.    Nandi read more →

Q In Level 3, how do we go from Raised Cobra to Extended Mountain? A In Level 3, the hips (base of spine) initiate the movement back, then straight leg begins lifting.  The spine goes into alignment from base to crown as hips move back and the leg lifts.  (In Level 1 and 2, pass.. read more →

Q  What is the position of arms in Eagle? A One elbow on top of other, palms facing each other, hands touching and in Om mudra. Elbows are out in front from shoulders, parallel to ground. Nandi read more →

Q Each level of TY corresponds with cakras & element. Each level includes five main series namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Do five elements related to 7 primary cakras? And what’s the meaning and characteristics of five series in TY flows? A  The energies of all five elements are present in each TriYoga Level, and.. read more →

Q During TriYoga practice, we watch the breath while doing different stretched.  Do you think it is beneficial to full breathing in my daily activities, like I do during my TriYoga practice? A Full breath is used at specific times in daily life. If you feel you need a long, slow breath …. due to either.. read more →

Jaya Guru Devi


Q A student recently asked me:  We say Jaya Guru Devi – Victory to the universal energy. For her victory means that there always needs to be some sort of war or fight or something similar before there can be victory. What would that war/fight be? What is the victory about? A The Yoga Sutras.. read more →