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Q How is Kapalabhati (Shining Breath) completed? AAfter the final Shining Breath exhalation, pause briefly in silence,  and then continue exhaling quietly like exhaling from Complete VictoryBreath (the exhalation might last up to 10 seconds and more.). read more →

QHello, I am hoping someone there can give me some input. I have a request for a session from a gentleman with stage four Parkinson’s. I would like to help him and wonder if Kaliji or a senior teacher would share their thoughts on what approach to take here. I currently have a student with.. read more →

QTo release from Reclined Leg Stretch asana, may the foot be extended?  This is how I practice as it feels good to extend energy through foot and toes.  Some release after A same as K, pressing through with heel. Are both ways ok or is one the preferred way? A During the Leg Lifts we.. read more →

Roll to Standing


QI would like to know if we do put to much pressure on the discs when we roll up from earth touch to standing, even with knees bent. many yoga schools say it is not at all good for the spine…. How do we as TriYoga teachers explain ? AKALIJI Feel the wave from feet.. read more →