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Q Is it safe for someone with a hiatal hernia or other health condition to practice Pranayama? I heard that in some cases Kapalabhati (Shining Breath) could make the condition worse. A Pranayama can heal when practiced correctly; yet, when performed incorrectly, the prana can become imbalanced leading to various disturbances. Kapalabhati is taught differently.. read more →

QIn Level 2, 3-3 Autumn could you please describe the transitions and the Asanas themselves for # 7 thru 11, that is from Pyramid 1 to Pyramid 2 to Extended pyramid, Seated Pyramid and Seated Pyramid Forward bend? Something does not feel right as I move through these postures but I can’t figure out where.. read more →

QIn Cradle, if a student’s shoulders don’t stay on the ground, is it better to use a tie instead of interlacing hands over the knee? Can hands be interlaced also under the knee? AVarious props can be used in Cradle to both receive a good stretch and remain relaxed. Yes, a tie over the knee, or hands under.. read more →

Q What is the difference between L-Seat Toe Stretch 1 and L-Seat Toe Stretch 2 from Level 2, Series 3, Winter? A From L-Seat Tortoise: L-Seat Toe Stretch 1 has toes tucked under with knee to earth on tortoise side, like in Extended Child. L-Seat Toe Stretch 2 has the top of foot to earth.. read more →

Q In which direction to we begin and complete neck movements, eye movements, and shoulder rolls?  Why?   A We begin neck movements with a bow ~  flexion, bringing the chin towards the chest, then a gentle lift and repeat. On the last round, flexion, then lengthen from base up to bring the neck into.. read more →

Q To me, one of the major advantages of TriYoga is the fact that it is systemized, and that the movements can be analyzed and divided into parts, in order to make it easier for beginners. The question arose how far these divisions can go. How small can the parts get? Can they get as.. read more →

Q Flowing from Side Warrior to Raised Runner, after the 1/4 Turn, in the second part of the transition, would we speak the alignment like ” press down the Hips and roll up from the Base”? Or would we rather say “press hands down, heel back, then roll up the spine from the base” ?.. read more →