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Feet in Spider


Q Do we to aim to bring our feet parallel in Spider, as in Crow? A There are several variations of alignment in Spider, allowing for variation in hip structure and flexibility. We do aim to keep the feet over the knees and parallel, using arm strength to draw the thighs down and towards the.. read more →

Q Is there a difference or a progression in Neck Movements from Basics to Level 1, where, in the Manual, Infinity Rolls are added? Or can Infinity Rolls – and other creative movements – be part of Basics, too? A It is important to maintain length in the upper (cervical) spine during the rolls, and.. read more →

Q Are there 3 different tempos in TY, like slow, medium, fast? Would this be reflected in the different ways to breathe in the flows? For example, to flow from Mountain to Cat, we could E Mountain I Cat or I Mountain  E Cat Tuck  I Cat. So this transition could be completed with 1.. read more →

Q Are there individual styles of teaching in TY, such as in order to allow a student to rebuild their balance of the ribcage, advising them not to practice Extended Mountain but Mountain for a while? Or would it be sufficient, and maybe even more advisable to bring equal weight on both hands while in.. read more →

Q Is it for all TY teachers required to be able to speak the students through the flows without demonstration? Or would this not be required before Level 2? A What is required is that teachers be able to lead a meditative flow: sometimes this is best done through demonstration, sometimes speaking while assisting or.. read more →

Hands in Cobra 1&2


Q In Cobra, the hands press into the ground and pull backwards, right? Why do we practice in this way? One student asked me, why not push the hands forward and she said, this would also be the elbows close to your body. There must therefore be another aspect. What would you say we do.. read more →

Q One student told me that a yoga teacher told her that kapalabhati reduces the water in the body, therefore one should not practice this technique. A Whenever we receive information, we need to examine the source of that information to determine if it is reliable. Also, we need to examine the information to see.. read more →