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Q I have a question about teaching Shoulderstand and Plow. I have several students who say that when doing them they feel lots of (too much?) pressure on the back of the neck. Also, I personally have a flattened (“military”?) neck and so am concerned that for me and for my older students (with risk.. read more →

Q When flowing from Half Pyramid to Gate Lift: Does the movement start with turning the leg out on the heel while the arms flow in Forward Salute? Or, arms half way up and then start to rotate on the heel? That is, please compare Gate Lift and Pyramid Lift regarding the movement of hip/foot:.. read more →

Q Please describe the transition (regarding the spine) from Side Warrior to Raised Runner. A In this flow, the movement to facing forward begins subtly from the head down. (The head begins to turn forward first….head, chest, hips). Then, the flow continues from the base up to head to fully turn to face forward. Kim Beecher, D.C… read more →

Q From Bridge to Elevated Bridge and back: to come into Elevated Bridge, bend one knee and extend leg up the wall, then second leg. On the way back to bridge, one leg and then the other, or bend both knees and bring both feet to ground at wall at the same time? A One.. read more →

QTo go from Pyramid 3 to Pyramid Lift ~ slight bend of the knees and roll up, or lengthen spine as though to Pyramid 1 and then lift? or both? AThere are two ways as mentioned above…both ways, come to shoulders above hips and spine lengthened..And then (right) knee slightly bends, Forward Salute, Half way.. read more →

Q Can you describe the alignments of Pyramid 3? A Pyramid 3 is introduced in Level 2 series 1. A student would have the choice to modify and stay with Pyramid 1 with the spine in natural alignment (possibly with blocks) if less flexible in this posture. Pyramid 1 is in Basics and Level 1. Pyramid 3.. read more →

Q Wall Earth Touch – is there a specific hand placement: by feet, at wall, behind feet… options? A Same options as for earthtouch away from wall. With my back pressing into the wall, I feel that bhu trikona mudra allows my shoulders to relax a bit more. Some students like to have the hands.. read more →