Beate Lassalle


Home Base:  Rhein-Main, Germany Q: How did you begin to practice TriYoga? A: I had my first yoga experience in 1999. I joined a hatha yoga class in a fitness studio – but it was kind of frustrating because I was so stiff that I was not able to do many of the asanas. And.. read more →



Christine Ware, PhD. Home Base: Havertown, PA Founder of TriYoga Center of Philadelphia, a practicing psychologist and a mom of three.   Q: How did TriYoga become part of your life? A: Since my childhood, I have been drawn to dance and practiced it regularly ever since I was in school. When I was in college.. read more →

Corin Stephenson


Corin Stephenson (Nadi) Home base: Malibu, CA Corin is a LifeFoods Chef and Coach. Visit her website for more information and a free e-book. A: How did you come into TriYoga? Q: I had actually had a yoga practice for a long time. I was not looking for anything new, I was happy with what.. read more →

Jia Patton


Home base: Santa Cruz, CA   Q: How did you meet Kaliji and start practicing TriYoga? A: I met Kaliji when I first moved back to my home town, Santa Cruz, in 1985 but it was not until 1987, when I came to a partner yoga class led by Kaliji that things really changed for.. read more →

John Glore


Senior-Level TriYoga Teacher John and his wife Stephanie are currently traveling around the world sharing TriYoga. They have taught in Russia (Moscow and Siberia), Ukraine, Taiwan, China, Israel, and England. Q: How did TriYoga enter your life? Have you always been interested in yoga? A When I was a child I read a story called “The Wonderful.. read more →

Theresa Shay


Home base: Centre Hall, PA TriYoga Center of Central PA Q: When and how did TriYoga become part of your life? A: I came to TY in 1995, when my yoga teacher (Kashi) invited me to go to a weekend yoga workshop with a woman named Kali Ray who was teaching in Manayunk, Pennsylvania. Kashi.. read more →

Kamala Paul


Home base: Davis, CA Q: How and when did TriYoga become part of your life? A: That was back in 1987. I was not looking for any yoga practice. One day I went with my girlfriends to a beautiful place in Northern California for a week-end. In the morning one of them played a cassette.. read more →