Interview • Austria Yoga-BYO

Dear Kaliji! Q  Yesterday I was watching some videos to see you in action. What impressed me most is that you are smiling all the time. As a viewer I felt your enjoyment. I asked myself: do you encourage your pupils to smile when exercising? Kaliji  ? Smiling is natural for me. One day in meditation when …

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Interview • Russian Yoga Digest

TriYoga Q  What is unique about Kali Ray TriYoga? What is there in common with other styles?   This is for each person who practices to feel for themselves.TriYoga is founded through kriyavati siddhi. This is not only unique but rare. TriYoga is a complete yoga method. The abhyasa (practice) includes a systematic yogaflow in asana, pranayama, & mudra; …

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Interview • Arab Yoga Magazine

Q  You talk about having been looking for the meaning of life since you were very young. Have you found the meaning of life? Kaliji  Self enquiry began around age 7 with the inner questions, “Where was I before I came here, where did I come from.” Over the years this evolved into “What is the source …

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Interview • Wild Yogi

Q  In India, they speak about Purna Yoga, complete yoga, which includes not only the practice of asanas, as it often happens in western yoga schools, but also the rest of the yoga sadhana. This may include shatkarma, pranayama, meditation, karma yoga, mantra yoga, reading of sacred scriptures, bhakti yoga. Among the yoga schools known …

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Seven Gems of Yoga • Book

Q  How is YOGA a Jewel for the world?   Kaliji:  It is the answer to the question of life ~ the why, the how, and the who-am-I questions.  It is the path to Self-Realization. It is the path to health, to mastery of the mind, and ultimately to moksha – liberation of the soul …

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Interview • Yoga Aktuell

“Princess of Yoga” Q  Practicing TriYoga, what is the effect?   The effects manifest on all levels including physical, mental, and spiritual. Effects include improved health, increased life energy, mental clarity, intuitive knowledge, and blissful happiness. The practice of TriYoga culminates in higher levels of awareness.   Q  Is TriYoga a female Yoga style?   …

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