For a research paper on “MODERN YOGA” for a Yoga Studies Master’s Program at Loyola Marymount University, Daria Grigoreva interviewed Yogini Kaliji. Q: About TriYoga: How was TriYoga created? YOGINI KALIJI: Kriyāvatī, spontaneous yoga, appeared through my body/mind beginning January 5, 1980 and has continued to the present day as needed. I have received this body of knowledge, known as TriYoga, through.. read more →

Q   Yesterday I was watching some videos to see you in action. What impressed me most is that you are smiling all the time. As a viewer I felt your enjoyment. I asked myself: do you encourage your pupils to smile when exercising? Kaliji  🙂   Smiling is natural for me.    One day in meditation when.. read more →

Q  What is yoga? Kaliji  Yoga is the path and the goal. Yoga philosophy provides a series of practices to increase prana. Through increasing prana, ( energy), consciousness begins to expand. When consciousness expands, one realizes the true Self. It takes a steady, well rounded practice to reach the goal. Yoga is union of individual self.. read more →

Q  You talk about having been looking for the meaning of life since you were very young. Have you found the meaning of life? Kaliji  Self enquiry began around age 7 with the inner questions, “Where was I before I came here, where did I come from.” Over the years this evolved into “What is.. read more →

7 Gems of Yoga


Q1  How is YOGA a Jewel for the world? Kaliji  It is the answer to the question of life ~ the why, the how, and the who-am-I questions.  It is the path to Self-Realization. It is the path to health, to mastery of the mind, and ultimately to moksha – liberation of the soul from.. read more →