by TY Teacher Mantrini Jaya Guru Devi I remember once hearing Kaliji say that TriYoga Basics was a complete yoga practice. I remember something about the fact that by practicing Basics’ five systematized series, 108 postures, 20 mudras, 16 turns, 5 pranayama techniques, yoga nidra, concentration and meditation, I would have a lifetime’s worth of.. read more →

Recently Anasuya survived an agressive form of cancer, she shares her experience in the interview below. She also published a book on her experiences with Kaliji. The book is full of beautiful photos and great stories. Q: How did you meet Kaliji? A: I met Kaliji in 1989 in Santa Cruz. I was thinking of.. read more →

My first few trips to Europe were as an assistant to Kaliji. Of course it is beyond wonderful to travel with Kaliji. In addition to “on the road” adventure and fun, Kaliji gifts one with teaching knowledge and life knowledge. For me it is a blessing and honor to share TriYoga abroad and I feel.. read more →

Q: You have been teaching TriYoga in the area for a while, what made you think of becoming a TY center? When and how did you decide that? A: The seed of interest in having a TriYoga center has been present for many years. But for a very long time, the only thing we had.. read more →

Why TriYoga?


JGD Kaliji Thank you for a wonderful practice Sunday. I was so happy to be a total student and dive into the flows with abandon. There were many moments when I felt I knew very little about TY – there was such an experience of depth and newness, I felt I was at the first.. read more →

The question of how long I’ve been practicing TriYoga has a few answers. When I was younger, about 10 or 11 I think, my mom would bring me to class with her. I remember bringing stuff to play with, and a beach towel. Sometimes I would sit and play while she practiced TriYoga, and sometimes.. read more →