Theresa Shay


Home base: Centre Hall, PA TriYoga Center of Central PA Q: When and how did TriYoga become part of your life? A: I came to TY in 1995, when my yoga teacher (Kashi) invited me to go to a weekend yoga workshop with a woman named Kali Ray who was teaching in Manayunk, Pennsylvania. Kashi.. read more →

Kamala Paul


Home base: Davis, CA Q: How and when did TriYoga become part of your life? A: That was back in 1987. I was not looking for any yoga practice. One day I went with my girlfriends to a beautiful place in Northern California for a week-end. In the morning one of them played a cassette.. read more →

Eva-Maria Beck


Senior-Level TriYoga Teacher Home-base: Berlin, Germany Q: How did TriYoga enter your life? A: It was in January 1997. Daniel from Boston came to Germany and offered a program in Berlin. He had just met Kaliji, so he showed us some flows. I liked it. But when he showed us her video, I did not.. read more →



Santoshi and her husband Rishi are currently traveling around the world sharing TriYoga. They have taught in Russia (Moscow and Siberia), Ukraine, Taiwan, China, Israel, Europe and Australia. Q: How did TriYoga and Kaliji change your life? A: It changed my life 100%. On the outer level, it changed my occupation and living situation. Right now all.. read more →

Homebase: Arizona Soon after becoming a TriYoga teacher, Gayatri became a mother. TriYoga accompanied her in this journey. She taught prenatal classes while being pregnant herself, and now, being a mom of two beautiful boys, she shares TriYoga with kids. She features in TriYoga Prenatal and Baby DVD   Q: When and how did TriYoga.. read more →

The question of how long I’ve been practicing TriYoga has a few answers. When I was younger, about 10 or 11 I think, my mom would bring me to class with her. I remember bringing stuff to play with, and a beach towel. Sometimes I would sit and play while she practiced TriYoga, and sometimes.. read more →

Recently the TriYoga centers in Waltham, MA and Cedar Rapids, Iowa became non-profit centers, and are now going through the process of getting Federal Non-Profit status. TriYoga International has filed a “group exemption letter” which will allow centers to qualify as Sec. 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations as chapters under TriYoga International’s Federal tax exempt status… read more →