Roselyne Colin


TriYoga Teacher Trainer Director of TriYoga Center Königstein, Germany Q: When and how did you begin to practice TriYoga? A: In 1983, I left France to travel through North America and Central America. On this trip, I came to Santa Cruz, which I liked a lot. I decided to stay for a while. I was.. read more →

Gabriel Benjamin


Home base: Santa Cruz, CA Q: When and how did TriYoga become part of your life? A: I was born in September, 1980 so I have never lived in the world without TriYoga. My mother Martha Posey began practicing the flows in 1985 and I can’t remember far enough back to when I wasn’t aware.. read more →

Home Base: San Francisco, CA Prologue: When I write, whether it is a play or story, I often find that unconsciously I foreshadow what is to come. It is as if deep within I know the future and it emerges as a hint here, a gesture there. For example: a story in which a child.. read more →

Johanna Schuhbauer


  Johanna Schuhbauer TriYoga Center, Allershausen, Germany. Q: How did you come to TriYoga? A: I had been working as a yoga teacher for 10 years and I felt it was time for a change that I wanted to learn something new. I saw an article on TriYoga by Eva Maria Beck, and it was.. read more →

Gina Kray


Senior-level TriYoga Teacher Home base: San Diego, CA Q: How did TriYoga become part of your life? A: A little bit by chance… but mostly it was a destiny unfolding. I had changed my diet into a vegan, raw foods diet. That action was profoundly changing my life views and values. I knew that yoga.. read more →



Senior-level TriYoga Teacher. Home base: Waltham, MA TriYoga Boston became one of the first non-profit TriYoga centers Q: When and how did you start practicing TriYoga? A: In Jan. 1993 I had an unsuccessful wrist surgery which, after 7 years of going to different doctors and trying different treatments, left me in more pain that.. read more →



Senior-Level TriYoga Teacher Teaches TriYoga Teacher Trainings in the USA, Europe and other countries. Home base: Santa Cruz, CA Q: When and how did you start practicing TriYoga? A: I started in 1995. I wanted to learn to meditate and a friend suggested yoga. Since I had been a dancer and yoga involved movement and.. read more →