Extended Penguin


Spring Tapas by Bhavani, PA Last March, opportunities presented for a 108 day asana tapas. First opportunity: I was in the group Citrini was leading through Level 2 training. Second opportunity: the weather was inclement, resulting in delayed start or cancellation to the work day (I work for a public school district). This allowed for.. read more →

by Heather (State College, PA), who paricipated in 40 Day Practice Hello yoga enthusiasts, I apologize for the long post, but I feel compelled to share about my experience this morning. Every so often, I head to Camp Hill to meet a friend for a Friday night Yoga Trance Dance session at the Just Plain Yoga.. read more →

Tapas Report from Gabriel, Santa Cruz, CA On May 10th 2009 I began the first of 108 days of Extended Pyramid. Three weeks earlier I completed a hundred and eight days of Hanuman which was a very difficult and rewarding austerity. I thought after that I would hold off on doing a tapas for that many days.. read more →

108 Days of Hanuman


Tapas Report from Gabriel, Santa Cruz, CA On January 1st 2009, I began the first of 108 days of practicing Hanuman Asana. I had recently completed 108 jump-throughs on the first day of winter and was excited to practice more tapas. The jump-through practice was indeed a challenging tapas, but typically those movements come easier.. read more →

40-day Practice


by Theresa Shay, TriYoga Center of Central Pensilvania A group of us have committed to doing a daily practice for the next 40 days.  We were inspired by a trip to Viriginia to study with Kali Ray, founder of TriYoga®.  On the car ride home, one person shared her longing to enhance her daily life.. read more →

108 Jump Throughs


Tapas Report from Gabriel Reese Benjamin (Santa Cruz, CA) The story begins in 1991. As an eleven year old doing a year of independent study my dear mother Martha Posey started taking me to yoga class with her 3-4 times a week to take class with Jasmin, Bill, and Shanti at the Santa Cruz Tri.. read more →