by TY Teacher Mantrini Jaya Guru Devi I remember once hearing Kaliji say that TriYoga Basics was a complete yoga practice. I remember something about the fact that by practicing Basics’ five systematized series, 108 postures, 20 mudras, 16 turns, 5 pranayama techniques, yoga nidra, concentration and meditation, I would have a lifetime’s worth of.. read more →

TY Teacher Gina Kray, RN, BSN, has been teaching TriYoga to Veteran’s Affairs (VA) patients in Oceanside (San Diego, CA) for over 6 months. “The classes are still ongoing and the patients love them. All of them have health challenges including diabetes, congestive heart failure, obesity, chronic pain, high blood pressure, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to.. read more →