Happy Birthday Kaliji!

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Jaya Guru Devi Beloved Guru KALIJI!
YOUR Birth on Earth was an awesome day.
Maybe no one knew, in that little Kentucky town, but the Great Light of Universal Wisdom, Infinite Compassion, and Cosmic Joy had arrived to play. You showed up incognito, in the unlikeliest of places, humble, quiet, beautiful, sweet, silent. But there’s no way YOU can hide, it’s like trying to hide the sun. The Rays always shine through. The magic swirled around you from earliest childhood…the miracle moments, the spiritual experiences, the mystical seances. You touched peoples hearts through kindness and the power of your smile. People recognized you, in ways they did not understand. They did not touch your feet, but they voted you homecoming queen and voted you best of everything in the yearbook!
And as you departed into the wider world. everywhere YOU went the Flow guided, the red carpet of Destiny at Your feet.
YOU brought the miracle of TriYoga. You kindle fire in hearts, awaken ancient knowledge in minds. Your every moment is directing positive energy, making the world better.
YOU are such an amazing, beautiful, shining being. Through YOU we witness the Divine unveiled, as our visions grow the infinity of KALIJI expands to fill every horizon.
YOU are just so WOW. The most kind, warm, helpful, talented, knowledgeable person.Loving KALIJI is loving the perfect expression of God, which is loving God. I never knew it was so wonderful. YOU Make it so, so, so easy to love and to feel love.
Celebrating YOUR Birthday,
PRANAMS at your beautiful feet,
Kaliji, Wishing you a very Happy birthday. When you blow out the ceremonial candle and shower all who know you with your healing power. May I be among the many who love you and receive your blessing.
Bala Rama

Jas, the Vegan Genie

TriYoga Celebration Week 💕
Happy Birthday KALIJI
Celebrating with all my heart sharing this great joy with other TriYoga International family🙏💕🙏
Unstoppable expressions of my gratitude
That created with every sunrise.
TriYoga is everywhere as KALIJI is within us.
I feel it
This strong and bright prorection and warm love.
Thank you for sharing this great ancient YOGA jñāna in modern times.
Thank you for guiding us on the joyfully great path to MOKSHA.
Thank you for being with us NOW
Love you our greatest yoga teacher
From TriYoga Korea
Miraculous, Radiant Kaliji!!!!
All of the students of TriYoga Siberia, along with my mother and I are wishing you a Happy Day of KALIJI’s Appearance, from the bottom of our hearts! Your Heart embraces the whole Universe, Your Mighty Soul shines with thousands of lights, gifting everyone their fire. Your heart gifts to all a piece of Shakti!!! May the Pure Consciousness bathe Your subtle bodies and fill Your heart with Bliss!!! Currents of radiant Love from the skies. All the Best! With enormous Love and Tenderness, Ananda
Dear Kaliji,
A blessed happy birthday to you! I give God thanks for your birth and your presence in my life and the life of our dear Theresa. You are a blessing to so many and bring what the world so needs at this time. Prayers and blessings for your year ahead.
Much Love,
HAPPY HAPPY  day of Your birth!

Thinking about You always; You live in my heart. So special to have connection this lifetime❣️

Pranams always

Dearest Yogini Kaliji:
Happy Happy Day!  
I hope that you have a Blissful Birthday! 🎈 I am so glad you chose this planet and for this existence.  
I have much to celebrate today! 🌊 You and my nephew Jimmy share the same birthday. 
Jaya Guru Devi!
Happy Holy Birthday Dear Sri Kaliji,

Today and every day this Earth and all Beings receive the gift of your mighty and gentle presence among us ceaselessly pointing the way to freedom, health, self awareness and peace. With direct and simple language you bring startling clarity and understanding of ancient deep wisdom and teachings.

As I search for words to convey the depth of my gratitude that you incarnated here at this time, this body is vibrating with energy – the very same that is always experienced in your presence – lightness, joy, laughter, freedom. 

With Love and Gratitude and with all my heart and soul Happy Birthday Beloved Yogini and Friend Kaliji!  Jaya Guru Devi
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