Happy Birthday Kaliji!


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Celebrating the KALIJI MIRACLE

Jaya Guru Devi Sri Kaliji,

YOU make it so, so easy to Love YOU. :-)))) YOU are simply so magically wonderful that people are touched by you in ways that they never could be otherwise. The dormant spiritual seed may be hidden so deep inside, dusty and forgotten, until the love KALIJI inspires suddenly awakens it and the transformation begins. YOU capture people with YOUR effervescent joy, YOUR dazzling, heart-soaring smile, YOUR spellbinding charm, YOUR bewitching mysterious ancient child-like nature. YOUR beauty and style and grace are unmatched. YOUR talents are proven endless. YOUR kindness and warmth and generosity and thoughtfullness and genuine-honest-pure love and caring for others reaches even the most unlikely and guarded souls, and that Divine Light that raditates from you begins to shine in them too.  YOU shine so bright that people are drawn to you, and come near to you, and are transformed by you, without knowing why other than they simply LOVE you.

TriYoga is a pure reflection of YOU, complete and deep and powereful, with so many doorways that open back to the source. The perfected eight-limb hatha yoga system, within itself endless doors for EVERYONE to enter, VEGAN, jnana, nada, mantra, mudra. But it’s just another one of your infinite arms, another way for people to be drawn into KALIJI’s light. Ultimately it’s the SOURCE they are drawn to, the perfected YOGI, the brightest light in the universe, right here, right now, shining on planet Earth. People see YOUR light and no matter how distant they maybe, or how far down the maya-slide they have gone, they are drawn to you. And the journey begins!

What greater gift could there be than YOU? I believe that YOUR mission on Earth was fulfilled the moment YOU arrived on this maya planet, 11:27am, April 11, 1955. Because YOUR destiny is guaranteed. YOUR legacy already established. There is no greater light, no higher joy, no more attractive Divine personality. The greatest gift is here, and all of YOUR accomplishments are the inevitable result of your Presence. YOU are unstoppable, YOUR light so bright that it can’t be unseen. Now let’s see what this crazy maya planet chooses to do. :-)))

YOU are LOVE of my life, the LIGHT in my life, the MIRACLE of my life. My greatest joy is to be near YOU. To witness the miracle, to bask in your indescribable presence. I love the flood of birthday wishes and greetings, so many ways that people express their LOVE and gratitude. I wish I were an artist, a musician, a poet, a filmaker, a photographer so that I could express how I feel about KALIJI in a way that explanation can not. But all of these beautiful, joyful, heartfelt, creative, loving birthday greetings reflect my own heart as well. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..

I am forever YOUR disciple, eternally at your service, and my heart is bursting with gratitude.

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HOLY DAY SRI KALIJI! I LOVE YOU, my heart is YOURS forever and always.

Jaya Guru Devī

P.S. Is there a more fortunate being on the planet than me, who gets to write those words? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

To My Beloved Kaliji

Sixty-six years ago, on April 11, there came a beam of Light, brighter than the sun, hurling through the cosmos. Unperceived by all, but those in harmony with the pulse of the universe, this Light flew through the thickness of the earth’s atmosphere and disappeared mysteriously in a place called Georgetown, Kentucky. And for one Sacred Moment, there was a Stillness that spread from Georgetown throughout the universe.

The impact of the Moment sent a wave through Nature and flowers began to bloom that day, in the millions, covering Georgetown in a blanket of dazzling color and spreading throughout the surrounding lands. The birds sang with a clarity and unison never before heard. And all the leaves on the trees and bushes turned upward, as if giving thanks. There was an inexplicable Bliss in the hearts of many and both humans and animals were seen that day falling on their knees in gratitude and praise.

And the angels rejoiced, for there in a little hospital crib, lay a Baby Girl with a golden Halo, who would transform forever the vibration of the world.

She would come to be called “Kali Lakshmi Deviji!”


by Monica Wapnewski

by Denis, TY Poland
by Lalita, TY Poland
by Amrita, TY Poland

Such a joy to gather with these beautiful Flow-ers to celebrate the birthday of Yogini Kaliji, founder of TriYoga. We joined together from across Pennsylvania, as well as from New Jersey, Massachusetts and Louisiana. Alice even came with her hairdo in honor of Kaliji. We flowed through variations from Basics all the way to a few special Level 4 transitions.
Thank you, Kaliji, for bringing the Flow to us and for uniting us all around the planet. Victory to health, happiness and wisdom!

Dear Kaliji,
To send a birthday message…
Words fail,
Pictures pale,
But this TriYoga wisdom
Does prevail.
We are blessed by your life.
Happy birthday across time and space.

Today is Kaliji’s birthday! She is an extraordinary Yogini inspiring all who meet her.  Happy Birthday dear Kaliji!


Happy Happy Birthday, Kaliji🌹 🌹 🌹 ✨💫✨🌼 Thank you for guiding us to the beautiful flow of TriYoga💕🌈 I love you❤️❤️❤️

Maya and Yoko, Japan

Gayatri, Alexander and Matys • AZ, USA

Happy Birthday. Tradition for Yogini Kaliji 💕

Micro, China
It’s a Happy Day! It’s a Holly Day! Happy Birthday KALIJI!
I wish You Love, Knowledge and Bliss.
I am grateful to You with all my heart, always! Love You!
Jaya Guru Devi!
Aditi & my happy Vegan family 🙂

Aditi: A couple of my students send you their congratulations and wishes (TriYoga Pogreby. Ukraine):

Happy Birthday Kaliji! Let the energy of the Universe pass through you, filling you with Love, Knowledge and Health !!! Thank you for the opportunity to join the TriYoga Flow, which responds favorably to all the cells of my body and soul !!!! Thank you for your knowledge, which is so wonderfully transmitted by your student, Aditi All Blessings to you !!! Sincerely, Marina

Kaliji. I wish that the seeds that you have sown in the hearts of people will bear great fruits and bring you great joy!

Самая Светлая и Лучезарная Калиджи!!! С Днём Явления!!!
Самое чудесное мгновение, когда Калиджи явилась на Земле Милостью Деви пробуждать многие земные Души!!!
Тысячи и тысячи людей звучат сейчас твоим бесконечным светом и Кундалини раскрывает в каждом Его Божественную Природу!!!! Нижайший поклон за эту Божественную Работу!!!
Искренних,,благодарных учеников!!! Пускай Твое Сердце переливается Любовью, Блаженством, искрами Радости, многоцветием Вселенского Творения!!! Чудес, Благости, Удачи, Благополучия, Долголетия, Процветания, и всех Благ.

С Любовью и Глубокой Благодарностью Ананда и Сибирский центр ТриЙоги


The brightest and radiant Kaliji!!! Happy Manifestation!
The most magnificent moment when Kaliji came to the planet Earth, through the grace of Devi to awake souls on the Earth!!!
Thousands and thousands of people now resonate with your infinite light and the Kundalini opens in each one their Divine Nature!!!
Our pranams for the Divine Work!!!
We wish you sincere and grateful students!!! Let Your Heart shimmer with Love, Divinity, sparkles of Joy, multicolors of the Universal Creation!!! We wish you Miracles, Grace, Luck, Wellbeing, Longevity, Prosperity and all the boons.

With Love and Deep Gratitude, Ananda and TriYoga Center Siberia

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