Dear Maretta and Citrini,

I was very happy to receive the link to the ceremony. I have now attended, and enjoyed so much learning about Abel and his full life.  The photos are wonderful.  I knew of his great 40 years of sharing his scholarly knowledge of business but now I have learned not only about his unique “quirks” but also have become aware of his love for life. WOW—an avid exerciser, runner, fast walker, gardener, and lover of culture; an experienced traveler who carried an extra suitcase; and a library with over 5000 books! These memories that flowed through you, Citrini, while under the umbrella shared a beautiful part of his life in how he loved traveling to many beaches. Abel was/is a very unique being. A scholar of business and a lover of life who was devoted to his family.

It is never easy to say “bye for now.” The life we share is always unique in the present moment and these moments are hard to find again. But we do somewhere, somehow under the presence of the divine, reunite with our loved ones and walk the path together again. The scenery may differ but the love remembers and carries us forward.

Hearing of Abel’s great skills and interests makes me realize even deeper the loss that is felt on many levels dear Maretta. His big presence will be so missed. My heart goes out to you as you find your way with Abel in subtle form and a watchful eye, and hoping you learned many things from him to manage your life. This is surely one of the saddest parts of life ~~~ the separation of loved ones until we cross over and see the bigger picture, and can rejoice at the grand plan as we will then understand.

I am glad I was able to meet Abel and that he joined us in India and was always present, supporting behind the scenes so his family could easily attend TriYoga.

Many beautiful messages from Abel’s family, friends, and colleagues have been shared. All supported us in knowing more about your beloved husband and father.

My deep condolences,



Jaya Guru Devi ~

Dear Ones Maretta and Citrini

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to attend the thoughtfully planned and beautiful memorial service for Abel, to learn about Abel’s amazing life and the impact he had on so many. It was so sweet to see the photos of his life, the precious family pictures and hearing the talks and music.

Thank you for sharing his beautiful and fascinating life with me….husband, father and grandfather, marathon runner and sportsman, business man and professor and so much more!

And I loved seeing the growing up of the family, the graduations, the weddings, daily life.

Citrini, your talk was so special. I laughed at the question they asked you about the number of books in your home. I could relate to the number being exponentially greater than the numbers that were suggested.:)  Travels without GPS finding remote churches in France, a man of few words yet a lot to say on certain interesting topics. Loved that Abel had quirks and was so unique.

Maretta, I send my love and support to you. It was so sweet to see you and Abel growing up together and all you shared.

I am glad I got to meet Abel when I went to Chicago to teach TriYoga. I remember sitting in the kitchen talking to you all, you all taking very good care of me, being impressed by the books, having a great discussion with Abel and seeing him go running off in his short shorts. 🙂 To me, he was a fun and interesting man!

I am thankful to have gotten to know Abel, and all the family, better through this beautiful memorial service.

All my love and caring to you both, dear Maretta and dear Citrini.


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