TriYoga Animal Friends Who Have Passed

Animals…is this what we call them? The special beings who were here before humans, who share our planet and are very much part of it? The beings that magically fly through the air, swim in the water, live in the wild, and enter our homes and lives with love, joy, and friendship?
Humans view animals in various ways. Those who have ever loved an animal companion and felt them to be a family member, have experienced one of the great expressions of unconditional love.
We feel the deep communication. We see them looking back at us with love pouring forth. We feel the same love. We are saddened when they leave the physical form. Their lives are short in comparison to some. Yet in this short span, it gives their human family an opportunity to see the love magnet return us together again and again.
The Remembrance page for our animals friends began with the pañca tigers. Those who have been in close association with the pañca tigers know they are respected family members. Many have witnessed their undeniable reincarnations. It is so obvious that we often keep the same names for them. 🙂 It is a miracle of love. And so very natural…the soul does not die. Let us play and love eternally together.
~ Yogini Kaliji

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TriYogis’ Animal Friends

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