in Memory of Beate, TriYoga Teacher
From the remembrance written in German by Katja Kellner:
Beate received the diagnosis of cancer a year ago and was told she would have approximately six months to live. Beate was a fighter and stayed optimistic until the end.
I remember very well when she came to my yoga class many years ago, shortly after she finished her training as a psychotherapist, saying “Hello, I’m Beate, I’m from Berlin. I’m quite new in Bavaria and now I’d like to start taking yoga classes. In the future I want to teach yoga myself.”
Beate did a very good job working in the pain clinic at the Traunstein hospital, and also taught TriYoga classes.
On August 8th this year she celebrated her 59th birthday with all the people who had supported her during this difficult period. It was a wonderful party with many friends, and Beate was sparkling—the photo was taken on this day.
When I visited her on Sunday, October 27, she was still at home, and told me she was ready to stay at home and receive palliative care. Hoping to help her on her last way, I read from the book “The End is my Beginning” by Terziano Terzani, and I sang the mantra “Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha”. Yes, Beate said, she was always orientating toward the light.
On Wednesday I received the message that she was again in the hospital in the palliative ward, and that she had asked for me.
I visited her on Thursday morning and we talked about living and dying. I reminded her of the message from the Bhagavad Gita that “your inner Self is invulnerable, no sword is able to cut it, no fire can burn it, it is immortal…”
I told her that her body now is like a worn coat and that is why she can take it off. I continued to read from the “The End is My Beginning” and I sang for her. She seemed very relaxed and composed as I said goodbye to her.
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