Cynthia Wolff
Nov. 23, 1956-Sept. 14, 2021

Cynthia was a student of TriYoga for many years, with the TriYoga Indiana PA community where she lived, and as a part of the TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania community where she regularly visited.
From Theresa, TY of Central PA:
“Cynthia was a kind, gentle, loving soul whose smile was always present. She delighted in learning. She brought a sincere curiosity to the mat. She was thoughtful, grateful, gracious and warm. Just two weeks before she passed, she was on the mat at an online yoga class, rolling her eyes about the fact that having gotten through her cancer treatment, she’d now been diagnosed with asthma and was using an inhaler. We laughed together and said aloud that every breath is a gift. Her last text to me from August 28th read, “Happy Flowing ❤️ “.
Indeed, flowing with Cynthia has been a gift to all of us, from many different parts of the state, who treasured her company. We’ll flow together now in new ways. Happy flowing, indeed, Cynthia, happy flowing on.”
From Gita, TYC Indiana, PA:
“Cynthia was also a massage therapist, and we traded massages on a weekly basis for over 15 years. In 2009, she tried her first TriYoga class with me, and immediately fell in love with the beauty and healing in the flows. She shared her love and enthusiasm for TriYoga with so many clients, and over the years sent so many students to TriYoga! She could always be counted on to join any workshop or special event I held, and we often traded private yoga sessions for massage too.
 There is a very special relationship that develops between massage therapist and client, between massage therapists who regularly exchange, and between a TriYoga teacher and a committed student. I was so fortunate that my relationship with Cynthia was enriched and enhanced in all these ways.
Her passing was so sudden and such a shock to those of us who loved her, but I know she is dancing now, laughing  and happy as ever. She is deeply missed.”
“I gave Wayne (Cynthia’s life partner of 34 years) your love and condolences, and he was so touched and appreciative, as he knew about you through Cynthia. He wanted me to please tell you thank you so much and that it is deeply appreciated.” 
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