Ekaterina Barkova

May 18, 1976 – September 2, 2018
Many years ago you were chosen by the Divine Mother to show me the meaning of my coming and being here on Earth. You brought me to Kaliji and thus opened the door to TriYoga for me and helped me find what I’d been looking for all my life. We were so close and harmonious that we could stay by each other in silence and feel calm and peaceful. We haven’t ever argued or had opposite views. We supported each other in all difficult moments and were glad for any success of each other.
From your very birth you were very different and special. You had always had your own view and opinion about anything and you never betrayed your soul always following your own way. It’s rare to meet such humility, inner strength, spirit, wisdom, calmness and heart purity like you had.  Your loving and unselfish heart was vast!
Fighting cancer for 4 years you stayed the same. Even suffering from pain you never complained. Your eyes remained beautiful and clear till the very last days mirroring your beautiful soul.
You were so creative, talented, kind and loving. Your marvelous, light, pure, angelic soul felt too tight in this body. Oh, how you will be missed! Light memory to you.
Rest in peace my dear, sweet, beloved sister. Nobody and nothing compares to you. Life goes on but it will never be the same anymore. I have to learn to live without you. I’m very thankful to my destiny for those years when you were in my life. I know we will meet again and it makes me feel calm that I still have you. But I’m sure to miss you here, in this incarnation. I will always love you. I will always remember you.
Your sister Julia.
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