Michelle Bouché
Feb 28, 1962-May 14, 2021

Michelle Bouche left her body last week after a rather short journey with cancer. Michelle directed the TriYoga community at Sheffield Yoga in Sheffield, Massachusetts. She regularly joined the TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania community for events, retreats, and trainings, and hosted Theresa in Massachusetts. Michelle was certified in Basics and Level 1, and was a Level 2 intern who participated in the training held 2018-2019. She also attended the TYCP Winter Retreat at the Himalayan Institute just before the pandemic hit.

I often found Michelle kneeling by my mat with her hands folded in her lap as a class or training concluded. Students would be putting their props away and rolling up their mats, and Michelle would be leaning in to ask a few questions. In the past many years, her questions revolved on how to run a center and connect with students. She’d want to know how to motivate someone to keep alignment in Cat Bows, or which software program we chose to track student attendance, or how she could change a habit she’d come to recognize.

Michelle was steady and curious, and often brought wrye comments to teacher training that would make the whole class crack up in the middle of something challenging. Her passion for TriYoga was evident in the commitment she made to teaching regularly at Sheffield Yoga, as well as driving 6 hours one-way so many times to train and study with us.

The community she served in the Berkshires will flow on, in part thanks to the role Michelle took as leader of the studio when that role needed to be filled. Her laughter rings in my ears and her love, in my heart. Victory to the Flow. Thank you for all the sharing, Michelle.

~ Theresa

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