Pavana (Carl Thomas)

“The Seer who predicted TriYoga and Sri Swamiji to me when I was 21 years old continued to share his visions with me until a few days ago.”

Yogini Kaliji
May 15, 2024

Eulogy for Pavana by Kaliji 

I am honored to give this eulogy for one of my dearest friends, Carl Thomas, or CT, as many of you knew him. Today, we’ve come together to celebrate his life and the immeasurable impact he had on ours. We were lucky to call him a friend because when Carl opened his heart to you, he did so completely. We all know he loved his mother deeply and was a supportive family member.

Each of us had a unique relationship with Carl. For me, I was privileged to share his spiritual journey. While most kids his age were just beginning to explore the world, Carl—at 12 or 13, was feverishly praying to God, asking to be of service and to be used for His work. His intuition developed naturally soon after.

Carl sought out a teacher near Saint Louis named MaMatha, who had a church and provided intuitive readings. After Carl and I met, I traveled with him several times to meet her. As Carl’s intuition became stronger, people began seeking his help, and his name spread far. By the time he was in his 40s, his reputation for advanced clairvoyance had reached me. One mid-July day in 1976, an acquaintance invited me to meet him.

We showed up at his door unannounced, and he made it clear that such visits were unwelcome, asking us to leave. But just as he was about to close the door, our eyes met through the remaining crack. He immediately opened the door wider and said, “Now you can come in. I have a message for you.”

From that day on, our lives were forever changed. Carl often mentioned, even as recently as January, how thankful he was for that moment when he chose to welcome strangers through his door.

We sat in his front room, and he spoke with a voice I had never heard before. He told me I would be inspired to write about ancient yoga and spread its wisdom worldwide, starting with my own hands. He foresaw the people I would meet and the places I would go, all stemming from that pivotal encounter. As I was leaving, he said, “If any of this comes true, please let me know.” He said he had never been such an open channel as he was with me. Immediately upon my return to Los Angeles, his visions began to manifest. Since then, I have been inspired with an ancient yoga, now taught in 45 countries with 56 TriYoga Centers.

Our relationship expanded for 50 years with him predicting accurately each stage, even until a few days before he left when called with the same voice, strong and vibrant, that I heard when we met.

Carl went to South India in 1992 at the invitation of India’s most renowned saint, H.H. Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji. Sri Swamiji affectionately gave him the name “Pavana”—the father of Hanumān, the breath of the Divine. Today is Hanumān Jayantī in Tamil Nadu, India. He enjoyed us calling him this and from that day forward we called him Pavana.

When I heard Pavana had passed on May 15, I sent a message to the ashrama in India, and Sri Swamiji immediately responded back “Blessings to this great Ātma (soul).” Pavana always had a desire to develop more spiritually so he devoted himself to regular prayer and meditation.

During our last call together, I spoke to Pavana about how his life was successful. He helped countless people with his intuition and lived past 90 years without serious health issues. He had mental clarity and the voice of a young man, truly embodying the name given to him, Pavana—the life breath of the Divine.

He happily agreed and concluded, “I love everyone in this world. Please tell all my TriYoga family I love them so very much. I love you, Kaliji. Jaya Guru Devi.”

 The funeral ended at 1:08 PM EDT.

to see
           is not so unusual ~
eyes receive light
          brain perceives images

to be seen
            also not so unique ~

one of the most common ways 
    to describe a friend 
                        or acquaintance
is to tell how they appear

but some
    have unique vision

that can see beyond physical plane
    and to subtle realms

to see what eyes do not

to see beyond senses
and to sense beyond sight ~

to perceive an essence
            and thus to see potential

Pavana was never guessing
        was never blurred

his only hesitations, if ever
        he felt them
was when to share what he saw

not everyone likes to be seen

LILY was more than a companion
        more than a guide —
she was, as though a shadow
    but made of light
    her personality existed
only in relationship to his

a symbiotic partnership

a benevolence, orbiting

    he was never without her
just as he was never without
    his sense of self

~ Apen Galamax

Medha (USA): A giant in so many ways, your energy and knowledge of the little known universe gave us mortals a glimpse of the beyond. You knew the other side, your guides gave us insights and knowledge that enriched our lives. Your generous spirit and wisdom will be missed.  I especially will miss our friendship, the  sharing of our real feelings and thoughts. See you on the other side dear Pavana-I so appreciated our connection.

Anasuya (USA): The great Pavana lives in the heart of TriYoga.


Bala Rama (USA): Carl Thomas my dear friend. His gift to me was opening my heart to the richness and the love Kaliji had for me. The last time I was with Carl I presented my dear friend the complete tapes on the Autobiography of a Yogi. There is great anticipation surrounding the moment when we meet again. Rest in peace my dear friend.


Bhavani Grunkemeier (USA): Deepest of condolences Dear Kaliji!


Bindu Lovell (USA): My deepest condolences Kaliji, sending much love. I never had the joy of meeting Pavana on the planet. Heard of him and the blessing he is. 


Brahmi Beth Gold-Bernstein (USA): Deepest condolences. Pavana was a great seer. May his memory be a blessing.


Chandika Devi (USA): Deepest heartfelt condolences for the passing of this great soul and friend. Pavana changed lives for the better. Thank you Pavana for your friendship and love.


Chandra (USA):  Such a dear soul.


David Nazar (USA): So sorry that you lost such an amazing, dear friend. So blessed to have had him in your life.🌹❤️🌺🙏🌺❤️🌹


Daya (USA): Sweet Pavana will be missed by all who knew him!!! JAYA GURU DEVI!!!


Eva-Maria (Germany): Love and condolences to Kaliji for the departure of Seer Pavana who saw and predicted the divine gift and magic of Kaliji. Many years ago I was very fortunate to meet him.💖🙏JGD


Juli Loupe (USA): Thank You, Pavana, for your kindness and love all the years. Your gift to “See” was amazing and awe-inspiring to witness. I’m happy Kaliji has had such a special long-time and important Friend. With love and cosmic hug, Juli 


Julia (Germany):  My heartfelt condolences to you beloved Kaliji and to all his friends and family. 💖🙏 May all be surrounded by God’s love and peace.


Kamala Brattig (Germany): Jaya Guru Devi Jaya Guru Datta.


Katya Yani (USA): My deepest condolences. Feel very fortunate to have met wonderful Pavana The Seer! JGDEVĪ


Leela (USA): Sincere condolences to a great friend and Seer and such an important part of Your and all our lives. JGD ❤️❤️


Loretta Razo (USA): 🙏


Mary Kemper (USA): Sincere condolences dear Kaliji. We are so grateful to have known of kind Pavana through your long friendship.


Matt, Sammie, & Nate (USA): This tribute to Pavana is so beautiful and these pictures really show this other-worldly celestial nature that he embodied in this realm. The 1st TriYogi on this planet next to Kaliji 🙏🙏🙏


Nandi Devi (USA): Sending my greatest love and deepest condolences, KALIJI. I feel fortunate to have witnessed Your great relationship.


PadmaSri (USA): Blessings to Pavana💐


Patty Baker (USA): Thank you for sharing the beautiful honoring of this very special soul.


Rebecca Binaka Swinden (USA):  Beautiful photo memories you have shared. My sincere condolences. What an incredible being to have been able to predict such important events. JGD


Rishi Dev (USA): I am very grateful to have had the chance to know Pavana in this life, first as an almost mythical figure through KALIJI’s telling as the Seer who foretold the magic miracle of TriYoga in all of its facets. In person, Pavana was a unique and wonderful presence—genteel, courtly and warm while also magnetically attracting attention. His intuitive power and otherworldly connection was undeniable, the mystical aura surrounding him anyone could feel. The messages he passed from other planes reflected kindness and wisdom. These encounters with Pavana have been life-changing, as they opened the door wide to a greater experience on Earth knowing that a being like Pavana can and does exist. He will be always remembered and missed.


Samatha Datta Punjalaa (India): Our deepest condolences to Kaliji and the whole TriYoga team.


Santoshi Devi (USA): Deep condolences on the transition of this great seer and champion, so blessed to have been able to know him through Yogini Kaliji.  💛Thank you, dear Pavana, for the love and vision you shared.


Sudhir Chaladavada (USA): Om Shanti 🙏🕉️🙏 Thank you Kaliji for giving me the opportunity to connect with this great Atma 


Tarini Devi (USA): My deepest loving condolences for the passing of this great seer. JGD 


Theresa (USA): A great man. A gift to TriYoga. A soul that blazes with love and light. Thank you, Pavana, for your part in bringing TriYoga forth.


Urvasi & Keith (Germany): Heartfelt condolences on the loss of your dear friend and your first TriYoga follower.  

“See you again.”

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