In Memory of Robert ~ May 11, 2023 ~ third birthday since his departure.

After Robert entered hospice, he spent additional time in contemplation and meditation. He said that he wanted to complete all thoughts. Two weeks prior to his departure, I asked what he had realized from this. These are his words.

Jaya Guru Devi, Vedic Tribute to Karma Yogi Robertji. He will be missed! Our yogic love and deep condolence to Katya.....Vande Triyoga Mata. It was a timely Vedic & yogic tribute to Robertji
Dr. Raghavendra Pai

Robert’s body was cremated on the new moon, August 18, at 1 pm.

Throughout his journey with prostate cancer, Robert kept his humor until his last breath. He was present. He said he wanted to watch each thought until it finished. He said he would leave when all thoughts were gone. Then, a few hours before leaving, he removed the oxygen from his nose and said, “I am done. The space ship is here.” His oxygen level was at 55 and he had only a few hours remaining. He was asked to return the oxygen so he did. He waited until all left, then a few hours later he sat up and spoke with the nurses. They felt he was doing much better. Then, the next time they came to the room, he had departed at 11:45am. Just hours prior he had said several times “45 is a good time.” He did not want to leave but he did what he needed to do to be prepared. He was looking forward to the deep, blissful meditation.

We love you, Katya. Jaya Guru Devi, JAI ROBERT
Yogini Kaliji
Thank You Kaliji! Thank you everyone. JGD 💖🙏🙏🙏 ❤️🙏🙏🙏 Love to everyone and thank you!!!!! Vande TriYoga Mata
Katya Yani
Good bye Robert. Happy conscious travels. Jai Jai Hanuman !!! Beautiful AG message. This morning was a beautiful finale to Robert’s months-long tribute—a testament reflective of his great devotion for you and TriYoga. And that amazing image of him to match. Wow! All so special. He’s now joined the Yogis in the sky!
May Robert’s memory be a blessing. A great generous soul. Condolences to Katya. Feel privilege to participate in tribute to Robert. Sending much love to Katya. Jai Jai Jai Guru Devi.
Brahmi Gold-Bernstein
Chandika Devi
Beautiful tribute 🙂 Love to all! Jaya Guru Devi!
JGD Robert, a great blessing to know you, Love to you Katya

Datta Devotees

Yogini Kaliji Jaya Guru Datta. Robert was instrumental in getting us into the practice of TriYoga. He had to drive the farthest to class, but he would show up weekend after weekend, never late, never even accepting any fees. So we found out that we could give him Starbucks gift cards instead. He wanted to serve TriYoga and you, Kaliji. I am very grateful to him.
Archana KriyaYoga
Robert taught TriYoga to me along With a group of 5-6 Datta devotees. We are ever grateful To Robert for this. Thanks to Kaliji for asking him to teach us. Sad to hear about this, but good to know he is in a better place close to God. May his Soul rest in everlasting peace
Ethindra Ramamurthy
JGD! SGD! I strongly believe he bid goodbye to me. I was doing my daily yoga routine on 16th and out of nowhere I remembered him in my dhyana and told my wife about it as well. I heard this news from Seetharam just now. I was also a student of our yoga guru along with Seetharam. Robert would come all the way to Cupertino from Santa Cruz every Sunday to teach us TriYoga for several years. What a humble and simple teacher! He's the god-send guide for us. We can't thank enough for all your teachings which provide physical and mental strength to us. Robert, your body left the world, but you are living with us as ever. Bless us as ever!
Rama Subramanian
Robert taught us (Bay Area Datta Devotees) the subtle science of Prana Vidya and yoga flows for several months on Kaliji's instruction which has made impact in our yogic life!. We developed a gentle friendship ever since. I recollect those good old days we had coffee together after the classes. We will miss him dearly! Pure soul, Devi has different plans for him! I am sure his prana flows will continue even in the higher realms.

Kaliji, Special thanks to you for introducing such a noble divine soul! He was our true inspiration! We will remember him every single day as we practice Prana Vidya and yoga flows!!!
Seetharam Gopalsamy
Jaya Guru Devi Datta

Narayana Narayana Narayana!

I loved the eulogy Kaliji wrote for Robert last week. I am fascinated to hear that he left the body with full awareness. I have ben thinking about this a lot – In the Gita, Krishna says to Arjuna that one of the most important (if not the most important) goals of life is to leave the body consciously, immersed in divine contemplation. .

Sri Guru Devi Datta

Sudhir Chadalavada
Jai Guru Datta

Narayana Narayana Narayana!

Robert has taught group of us Pranavidhya & TriYoga for few years on weekends at our home in Bay Area. Those were very special weekends for us. He is most sincere & always following Guru’s direction with utmost respect. He is always in joy & always in good spirits. We remember Him everyday as we practice Yoga. Very sad to know the demise. Pray Pujya Swamiji, Kaliji to bless the Soul in higher worlds.

Sri Guru Datta

Tulasi Tummala
Jaya Guru Devi 🙂 Safe travels Robert ! already lighted a candle…. JGD Love & Peace for Katya 🙂 JGD thank you dear Kaliji for Sharing great TriYoga Love ….
He will be missed... But I know there are miracles to come, he will surely communicate I know cosmic DEVI holds his hand the entire way... I hope the bliss he experiences now overshadows any pain he ever experienced on his journey on Earth , or any sense that he should still be here Jai Dear Brother Robert! ❤️ JGD The Miracles already show… Thank YOU dear KALIJI for this uplifting, inspiring ceremony and tribute for our dear Robert. Thank YOU for sharing with us YOUR wise, compassionate perspective and inspiration! Thank you Dr Pai for your sweet, joyful chants! JGD! ❤️
Dr G
JGD Dear Robert Jaya Guru Devi 💚🙏🌟 Amazing message JGD
Ah Robert, Jaya Guru Devi! JGD Katya! Yes, I remember very very well! So great for Robert that You were present! JGD Katya, I have so many memories of Robert and us together… much love! JAI! Great to be part of the ceremony… have a great journey Robert… love to you and Katya! JGD Thank you Dr. Pai for this beautiful mantra ceremony! Thank You Kaliji for sharing all this with us! JGD Jaya Guru Devi
Eva-Maria Beck
what an amazing FLOW! Such a beautiful message! Robert’s physical presence will be missed. But we know that the journey on is magnificent and we remain on the same team, cherishing the honor of FLOWing through Lives with KALIJI! What a special celebration of Robert’s time on Earth. Thank YOU KALIJI for all YOUR Love, guidance and jnana, for our beautiful TY family on Earth and beyond! Feel so blessed to be here! Thank you Dr. Paiji for your beautiful chanting! Much love to you, Katya ❤️
Ganga River
SO beautiful
Sending much love to Katya. When I think about Robert, I remember a welcoming soul, pure kindness and a subtle sense of humor, Robert you remain in my heart and make me smile whenever thoughts of you come to my mind. I am full of gratitude for having had the opportunity to know you. Jaya Guru Devi
I love you Robert & Katya. Jai Jai Hanuman! Love You Katyaayanii Thank You for your Service in the Navy to our great country & to the World. Thank You for your Service to Kaliji & TriYoga & all Global Flowers. Jai! Jai! Jai Hanuman! TRIYOGA FOREVER FOREVERYONE ROBERT FOREVER FOREVERYONE
Juli Loupe
What a beautiful story and life! So many wonderful memories! Jaya Guru Devi Incredible story and way to live. Now he has left any pain behind and continues freely without Earth constraints. ❤️ What a beautiful, perfect ceremony. So fitting for Robert. ❤️
JAYA GURU DEVI ❤️ for Robert ❤️ Thank You So Much!!!Yogini Kaliji 🌿🍃💐💐💐and Dr Pai🌿🍃💐💐💐
Kaliji, Your lovely memorial for Robert was incredibly moving. I remember him for his kindness and generosity when we came to Santa Cruz after Katrina. He had picked us up from the airport and gave us a large donation upon returning to New Orleans. My father also died from bone cancer, so; I am all too familiar with its physical pain. I recorded Apen's wise and comforting words!   I recorded Apen's wise and comforting words! How wonderful to release the physical form to the beautiful chanting of Dr. Pai, your amazing grace, and Hanuman's powerful energy! Thank you for all that you are and do! Love
Love to Katya & Robert's memory will be always cherished. Wonderful tribute to Robert… Thank You Kaliji for this beautiful tribute to Robert! Beautiful, Dr. Pai yes, I love this & the melody is super special Amazing Flow!!! JGD Beautiful message! Grateful to be a part of the ceremony for Robert. It was a wonderful, beautiful ceremony. JGD
Leela V
Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience.
It was a privilege to participate in this ceremony of celebration. <3.
Dear Kaliji, Thank you for sending the link to the remembrance of Robert. And thank you for connecting him with the Portland group - that was really a time of coming together as a practice community here. I also remember how generous he was in driving me from Santa Cruz to the airport - as if it were no inconvenience at all! JAI GURU DEVI
JGD Triyoga family!!! I remember meeting this beautiful soul and Katya many years ago when I first visited Malibu. I feel blessed to be part of this amazing experience!1 Thank you Dr. Pai and Kaliji!!! Sending a big hug to Katiya! JGD
Louanne Cho
Love to Robert JGD JGD Thank You Kaiji and DR Pai! Wonderful excperience!
Medha Overbeck
Sweet Robert, you will be missed! JGD!!! our love & condolences to Katya!!! 🙏💕 Kaliji,Thank You for Teaching us and Guiding us Through Life,Birth,Death and to Freedom😇🙏❤️ Thank you, Kaliji!!! Beautiful tribute to sweet Robert!🙏💕
Thank You, Yogini Kaliji, for sharing these wonderful memories of Robert! Sending love to our sweet brother! Thank you, Dr. Pai! This was so auspicious! This is a wonderful story, thank You so much for sharing with us! He would not go unless all was finished! What an outstanding example by our dear brother! Wonderful chanting! Wonderful ceremony! Love it so much! Jai Dr. Pai! That was so beautiful! Thank You, Yogini Kaliji, for sharing this wonderful message of light! From our dear wise friend Apen! Thank You, Yogini Kaliji and Dr. Pai! I feel Robert’s love so deep now. Thank You so much! Thank you, team! Let us all remain in the flow! Thank you, Katya, for sharing these auspicious moments! Much love to you always! I am so looking to all the magic in flow with Robert in extended TY Family! I feel beyond blessed to be here now!
Love you eternally dear Robert. Thank you for your love and service. Jaya Guru Devi. Yes. such a beautiful ceremony and tribute for beloved Robert. Such a peaceful calm sweet presence. Jai Robert. Love to Katya. Love. Thank You Yogini Kaliji. 🙏💚😍 Beautiful tribute. beautiful mantra. Love you so much Robert. JGD 💚🙏 JGD! So much love dear Katya. Such a beautiful tribute to your partnership with Robert. Thank You so much to Yogini Kaliji. Vande TriYoga Mata.
Nandi Devi
Love to Katya ~ Peaceful transition to Robert ~ beautiful ceremony ~ Thank YOU KALIJI for share the light ~ JAI ROBERT !
Priya Regelson
Jaya Guru Devi, love my buddy Robert, I will miss him in many ways. Thank YOU Kaliji for this beautiful and perfect ceremony, I am so grateful to have shared this moment. Thank You Dr. Pai for Nādam 🙏❤️🙏 Love you Dear Katya sister ❤️
Rishi Dev
JAYA GURU DEVI ❤️ for sweet Robert ❤️ 🙏 beautiful… JAI GURU DEVI Thank YOU YOGINI KALIJI for such a beautiful celebration for such a dear, loving friend and teammate. Thank you Dr Pai and Apen 🙏 VANDE TRIYOGA MATA A beautiful tribute to beautiful partnership, love to Katya and Robert ~ ❤️ JAYA GURU DEVI
Santoshi Devi
🙏JGD Thank you, dear Kaliji and Dr. Pai….Much Love and Compassion Love to Katya and Gratitude for Robert 💝🙏☮️ ❤️😍🌟Thank you, Apen 🕉🙏🙌
Om svaha darling friend. Warm hugs to Darling Katya A very beautiful send off for our dear friend
Sharada Morton
Jaya Guru Devi 🙏🏽💐🕉☮️
Sheela Chokshi
JGD🙏🏻⃤ Grateful to have known Robert. Loving heart. Always kind. Flowing together for many yearsHeart’s Peace & Love in the Flow Robert & Katya Yani 💟☮️🕉
Suzy Ocopnick
Love to Robert 💜🙏💜Jaya Guru Devī
Tarini Devi
JGD My dear friend and Teacher, Robert. 🙏 What a vibration to send our friend’s body on. I am so grateful to Robert for teaching me from the back row and Katya, much love to you. Wow. Tremendous story. Tremendous inspiration for how to live now and how to move on when our time comes. I look forward to the miracles, as Dr. G mentions! JAYA GURU DEVI 🙏💜💫 It is an honor to be here with all of you today, especially you, Katya
Yes. such a beautiful ceremony and tribute for beloved Robert. Such a peaceful calm sweet presence. Jai Robert. Love to Katya. Love. Thank You Yogini Kaliji. JGD🙏
脱瑕 Tuo Xia
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