Will Wise

Our friend and longtime presence in the TriYoga of Central PA community, Will Wise, left his body on Friday, November 12, in the early morning hours. His wife, also a long time presence in TYCP as a former board member, student/teacher, and dear friend to many, Heather House, was close by. Along with Heather, Will leaves with us on this side three children: Cypress (10), Sylvan (8), and Fern (8). Will’s journey with stomach cancer over the past few years included surgeries and chemo, and ended with love and meditation. While his passing leaves a huge hole in our lives, we fully celebrate his light and eternal consciousness.
Will arrived on the TYCP scene when he moved to Central Pennsylvania to date and eventually marry Heather, who was already deeply rooted in this community. One of Will’s earliest contributions to TYCP was carting in blenders and coolers of frozen fruit to Kaliji’s first-ever program with us, whipping up smoothies from organic, local fruit for flow-ers during the program break.
If you ever attended a TYCP event and heard Native American flute sounds floating through the air, that would have been Will. At the last retreat we held in February 2020, before the pandemic shut down such adventures, Will sat among the pillars of the Himalayan Institute Seminar Room and played expressive sounds of Native melodies for the gathering.
When this organization pivoted overnight onto Zoom a few weeks later, Will was instrumental in explaining the mechanics of online meetings so that we could go live on Sundays as our community entered New Times together.
Will played many roles for many people. Among those of us who live in Penns Valley, near TriYoga Spring Mills, Will was Framily: gathering for social events and meditation circles, plus lending hands and ideas for many projects. Will even popped in over on High Street in Bellefonte in 2018 to help create that studio. Will was a huge supporter, donor, friend, and a flow-er who could do yoga in jeans. We will be thinking of his deep questions and sincere love with gratitude in our hearts.
~ Theresa
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