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"Princess of Yoga"

Q  Practicing TriYoga, what is the effect?
The effects manifest on all levels including physical, mental, and spiritual. Effects include improved health, increased life energy, mental clarity, intuitive knowledge, and blissful happiness. The practice of TriYoga culminates in higher levels of awareness.
Q  Is TriYoga a female Yoga style?
Yoga is ultimately non-dualism. It is beyond gender. Perhaps this question is asked since the hatha yoga aspect of TriYoga is the TriYoga Flows. Since it flows, one may view it as a feminine style. However, the masculine energy of strength is at the very core of the practice. Strength gives the ability to stretch and flow. The Mother Goddess, in the form of kundalini that resides in both male and female forms, inspired this method. In Sanskrit, another name for TriYoga is Devi Yoga, the Mother Yoga.
Q  What does it mean for you to be in the flow?
Following one’s dharma, is a simplified way to say one is in the flow. Having a harmonious flow of body, breath, and mind gives the energy to expand awareness so one can feel and know their path.
Q  What kind of meditation did you practice before practicing TriYoga?
The same as in TriYoga, the path of Vedanta, asking, “Who am I?”. This inner search or self-inquiry revealed the dharma of sharing TriYoga.
Q  What is the philosophical background of your meditation?
The ageless truth of the Vedas. The realization of Sat Cit Ananda, consciousness-knowledge-bliss, the universal trinity.
Q  When and how did you realize that you are a Swami?
In her young 20′s, due to naturally living the lifestyle of a swami, Kaliji took the sannyasin vows. Then 12 years later Kaliji met Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda of Mysore, India. He initiated Kaliji as a swami in the Jayalakshmi Datta Avadhoota lineage.
Q  Most people don’t know about the life of a Swami.
All swamis have different life experiences. Swamis live a life that is totally devoted to yoga through expanding awareness and service.
Q  For example, do you still have feelings of anger or sadness?
These types of emotions don’t arise due to the nature of this mind. However, there are experiences in life that are sad such as starvation in the world, the slaughtering of animals for hunt and food, the poor treatment of people and the environment. In such cases, compassion is felt. The desire to help and appropriate action will follow. Still this mind will feel inner peace.
Q  What time do you wake up in the morning, how much sleep do you need?
Due to TriYoga sadhana, this body/mind sleeps less than most. It feels natural to enjoy the early morning hours. For example, it is 5:30 AM while answering these questions.
Q How do you live your daily life?
Sharing TriYoga in all aspects: TriYoga Flows, Prana Vidya, Satsanga, chanting and jnana. This is offered in all waking hours. Kaliji’s life is completely devoted to this.
Q What is your advice: How can people open their hearts and live a happy life?
Trust in the Divine Source, practice yoga sadhana regularly while maintaining a healthy diet, grow in the yama and niyama principles, replace unwanted thoughts or desires with positive thoughts or chanting, and feel the love residing inside. Realize true happiness is the Atman, the soul, harmonized with the Paramatman, the higher Self. All other objects of happiness are temporary; thus, they will not lead to Ananda, the unchanging blissful nature.
Q If you could change something in the world, what would you change?
Ultimately we can only change ourselves. If we live in yoga, then as the sun lights the path for others, we can be an example and inspiration. Through this, our wish for a better world becomes more of a reality. Ok, will make a wish….that everyone realizes that life is a gift, a miracle to enjoy. In this understanding, all will be loved and felt as one universal family. Ahimsa, the universal law of nonviolence, will prevail for planet, animals, and humans.
Q How do you see the future of TriYoga in the world?
Since the first moment TriYoga sadhana began to flow spontaneously through this body/mind, there have been students wanting to learn TriYoga. TriYoga will continue to grow and awaken inside many. The testimonials that are received daily prove the power and gift of this yoga. It will continue to flow around the planet. Kaliji’s every breath is to share this inspired yoga.
Q What makes you happy?
The Divine and the Divine Presence in all.

May 2004

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