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Q  You talk about having been looking for the meaning of life since you were very young. Have you found the meaning of life?
Kaliji  Self enquiry began around age 7 with the inner questions, “Where was I before I came here, where did I come from.” Over the years this evolved into “What is the source of real happiness.” This was answered by a powerful, all transforming kundalini awakening.


Q  If so, could you share what it is for you?
Kaliji  That real happiness,  higher knowledge, and soul consciousness is inside us.  Our journey before this life, during this life, and after this life is a continuation in self discovery. We have a choice what path to take. The fruits of our actions create karma that provides our road to travel. If we choose the path of right action, it results in a faster highway or greater awareness.


Q  Do you think everyone has their own meaning of life?
Kaliji  We all have our own unique path. The destination is the same as we all came from the original same state of consciousness. It is a circle in this way. From where we came, we will return. Pure consciousness is the same for all. Yet in our daily lives our paths vary and we have different experiences. One can reach the top of the mountain from various starting points. Based on this, they will see a different view on their path. Still the top has the same view for all. We will express it differently based on the path we took. 


Q  Ditto the source of happiness. Have you found the source of happiness?
Kaliji  The kundalini experience at age 20 culminated in 12 hours immersed in the bliss of happiness.
Q  Is it universal or specific to you? And could you share what that is for you?
Kaliji  Universal happiness is known as sat cit ananda. It is a Sanskrit term for soul consciousness as existence * knowledge * bliss. The ananda aspect is unconditional love, joy, bliss. It is universal as the same divine consciousness resides within us all equally.


Q  Do you think these ‘searches’ are lifelong? Do they evolve as life goes on? How have your findings changed from your youth to now?
Kaliji  Let us hope it is lifelong ! 🙂 Yes, it goes on and on. Creation is eternal.


Q  Could you put the concept of TriYoga into a couple of ‘objective’ sentences.
Kaliji  TriYoga is an ancient yoga for the modern times. It is a purna, complete, yoga, a dynamic physical and mental practice resulting in greater awareness. Asana, pranayama, and mudra weave together reflecting the flow of prana as a yoga dance dissolving into meditation.


Q  And into a couple of ‘ objective’ sentences could you explain what TriYoga means to you?
Kaliji  I feel blessed to have been the channel for this transformative yoga. Since 1980, endless times the spontaneous flow of kundalini has moved my body from within forming this beautiful yoga for the benefit of all. This has been my only teacher for this flow. Taught from within has been a miracle to witness.   Those who practice TriYoga will feel this is a whole new experience!  It is destiny to bring this forth.


Q  Could you explain a little more about karma, and also share a little about how it has affected your life?
Kaliji  We have 3 forms of karma: that which has happened and can not be changed; that which we create in the moment; that karma which is yet to come.


Q  What we have done before this birth has a great influence on what we experience in this birth. Most importantly what we have thought and do think has the greatest influence upon our karma. Both mental thoughts and physical actions influence the karma we experience.    
Kaliji  We can not change the past karma but we can change the present and future to some extent and at times completely. This depends on other factors such as the past samskaras, mental impressions, and actions.
We can not read a book by its cover. We cannot surmise what someone’s karma was that has created their difficulties in this birth thus giving rise to perhaps judgement. However, we can know and take refuge in the knowledge that we are responsible for our life. We can change our samskaras thus our karma. 
In Samkhya Yoga it is stated there are 3 ways we experience karma. From our own thoughts; from our environment; and from celestial energies such as planets. We may not have control over everything on the outside but we do have complete control over how we will respond in any given situation.
This will have the greatest impact on the karma or the way we relate to it.
We are in control of our life. We create it by our thoughts. Our thoughts directly create our karma. Our karma reflects back to us allowing us the opportunity to see the cause and effect.  Through this process we begin to understand that sattvic thoughts and actions create better karma. 


Q  Is every class you lead a channeling process or are some more consciously choreographed?
Kaliji  “Channeling” or kriyavati (spontaneous kundalini awakening manifesting as hatha yoga) is not part of the classes. Yet at times kriyavati has taken place in class. The class is for everyone to practice TriYoga. TriYoga is the result of 36 years of kriyavati. It is systematically introduced starting with Basics. One begins with learning the series for each level. After some time in practice, one flows from inside out ~ an intuitive flow based on the TriYoga knowledge.

October 2015

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