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Q Could You please tell us the essentials about the origin (Kriyavati) and evolution of TriYoga
Without knowing about kriyavati or spontaneous hatha yoga guided by kundalini, I began to experience this on January 5, 1980. To the present day these experiences continue to emerge, guiding the evolution of TriYoga. The flow of mudra, pranayama, and yogasana move through my body while my mind is in expanded awareness. Patterns of movement are repeated and as soon as I learn the movement, the next movement or yogaflow sequence appears. Now there are over 1,200 hasta mudras, and systematized asana, pranayama, and dharana sadhana series from beginning to advanced levels. Witnessing this experience it is easy to see this is destiny being fulfilled. TriYoga was meant to be revealed.
Q We know the strong effect of a plant based diet regarding animal rights, human health and ecology. But which impact has it on the subtle and blissful bodies?
In yoga the very foundation is ahimsa, non-harming. It is the first yama in Sage Patanjali’s classic Ashtanga Yoga. How can we expect to control the mind if we can not control our diet? A sattvic (pure) diet supports a sattvic mind. The mind is located in the subtle body that permeates the physical body. What we eat directly effects the mind due to the energy we take in through foods and whether himsa, harm, was done in the process. A plant based diet gives more prana that allows one to have this refined fuel for meditation. How can one reside in the causal (bliss) body if they are abusing animals, ecology, and their own health? There is a direct correlation between diet and the ability to resonate in the higher frequencies of consciousness called the causal body.
Q In TriYoga hand gestures are used during the flows and pranayama sequences. What’s “behind” those hasta mudras?
Why can people express their feelings and thoughts while using various hand movements, yet no one asks what is “behind” those hand gestures? 🙂 Similarly, hasta mudras allow inner communication though the focusing of energy. The five fingers are a result of the five pranas. The physical eyes can not see the flow of prana through the fingers, just like we can not see the blood flow beneath the skin. Yet, we believe there is blood flow. The classic jnana mudra, first and second fingers tips touching, increases energy flow to the heart. Mudras redirect the energy creating a circuit of energy flow. The activation of the energy centers in the hands greatly assists the flow of prana in yoga sadhana. Mudras are an intergral part of TriYoga making the trinity of yogasana, pranayama, and mudra. We incorporate mudras for physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. The Vedas say mudras give success. No wonder all photos of deities depict the hands in conscious gestures ~ letting us know something divine is taking place. 🙂
Mudras began first in TriYoga then everything else followed…..
Q Could You also please send 3 lines about the 12 years circle?
Could You also please send 3 lines about the 12 years cycle?
In yoga, there is an understanding that a 12-year cycle is a significant time period in one’s life. Both in Greek and Chinese astrology there is focus placed on the 12 signs or cycles. The study of cycles brings one to the understanding that there are three possible sources for their significance: energy from outer space, from the sun, and from the planets. Our personal karma will be connected to these cycles. One may notice in their own life that the 12-year cycles have corresponded with important destiny changes. TriYoga completed three 12-year cycles this past January 5. It will be interesting to see what the cycle change brings for TriYoga:)
Thanks for the opportunity to speak on TriYoga!

March 2016

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