For a research paper on “MODERN YOGA” for a Yoga Studies Master’s Program at Loyola Marymount University, Daria Grigoreva interviewed Yogini Kaliji.

Q: About TriYoga: How was TriYoga created?

YOGINI KALIJI: Kriyāvatī, spontaneous yoga, appeared through my body/mind beginning January 5, 1980 and has continued to the present day as needed. I have received this body of knowledge, known as TriYoga, through this destined experience.

Q: Is TriYoga a system that is open and accessible to anyone or does it target a certain audience?

YOGINI KALIJI: TriYoga is for everyone. It includes programs from Prenatal to Seniors; TriYoga Cikitsā (therapeutics); Chair Flows; Partner Stretch; Prāṇa Vidyā, a complete system of prāṇāyāma and meditation; and more. There are many doors to enter TriYoga, a pūrṇa (complete) yoga.

Q: What is the most important message that threads through your teaching?

YOGINI KALIJI: Ahiṃsā, compassion for all. The ahiṃsā diet of vegan is important. First, do not harm or kill. Next, strive to reach your highest potential. TriYoga is used to provide the energy.

Q: Is there a daily practice you would recommend to everyone?

YOGINI KALIJI: Vegan lifestyle and TriYoga/Prāṇa Vidyā.

Q: Is TriYoga a set system of practice or does it keep evolving?

YOGINI KALIJI: Kriyāvatī continues to this day.  One learns TriYoga systematically from outside in, then from inside out the endless creative TriYoga flows forth.

Q: I read that you are a swamini in the Jayalakshmi Datta Avadhoota lineage. Does the lineage shape your teaching in any way?

YOGINI KALIJI: I am a yogini. I simply let TriYoga guide me.   My lineage is TRIYOGA.

Q: Do any outside philosophies or teachings shape your Yoga teaching, or do you only teach that which arises from your inner intuitive knowledge?

YOGINI KALIJI: The inner intuitive knowledge is the source for TriYoga. Many teachings are in harmony. The ageless yoga philosophy is the same. This expression is TriYoga.

Q: What is being in the flow?

YOGINI KALIJI: A calm mind. For this to be, then there is the presence of Now.

Q: What is the significance of mudrās in the TriYoga?

YOGINI KALIJI: Mudrā directs prāṇa (energy).

Q: What about the role of chanting?

YOGINI KALIJI: Chanting creates a positive flow of thoughts and pure emotion. Chanting is music and mantra combined to provide the ambience for meditation.

Q: What is the main distinguishing feature of TriYoga?

YOGINI KALIJI: TriYoga flows from kriyāvatī…giving a direct path, for all to follow, to go inside to experience sat cit ānanda—expansion of Self, resulting in higher knowledge with blissful awareness.

Q: What is your vision for the future of the Earth?

YOGINI KALIJI: May all be vegan. May all be happy. May all embody wisdom.

Q: What is a modern-day cause(s) of suffering that most people are blind to?

YOGINI KALIJI: The eating of animals creates ill effects in the environment and in human health. To “know thyself” gives freedom from suffering. Lack of right knowledge and attachment results in suffering.

Q: How can we (humans) bring feminine and masculine energies into balance and harmony?

YOGINI KALIJI: V E G A N. Compassion.

Q: Would you consider yourself an avatara?

YOGINI KALIJI: I consider TriYoga an “avatāra”.