Q  What is yoga?
Kaliji  Yoga is the path and the goal.
Yoga philosophy provides a series of practices to increase prana. Through increasing prana, ( energy), consciousness begins to expand. When consciousness expands, one realizes the true Self. It takes a steady, well rounded practice to reach the goal. Yoga is union of individual self (soul, atman) with the divine Self (highest state).
This is known as sat cit ananda.


Q  Can you give a definiton of TriYoga for people who know nothing about it?
Kaliji  TriYoga is a transformational yoga path. Channeled directly as a gift to humanity. It is a complete yoga method. TriYoga includes practices for a harmonious body-mind-spirit connection. It is a whole new experience! Yet it is the ancient yoga …for modern times.


Q  TriYoga consist of seven levels. Can you give a shot description of these levels? Is it connected with 7 chakras?
Kaliji  There are various ways to teach TriYoga depending on the need of the individual. TriYoga Therapeutics is a very relaxing approach. The focus is sustained postures supported by yoga props such as bolsters, pillows. Next is TY Basics, 5 series & 108 movements. After Basics, one begins with Level 1 and systematically proceeds toward L7. These 7 levels represent the 7 cakras. Level 1 is called Earth Flow, L2 Water, L3 Fire, L4 Air, L5 Space. Level 6 is associated with 2 series, like the two petals of Ajna cakra. Level 6 is like a river compared to the ocean of Level 7, the Sahasrara cakra.


Q  Contemporary yoga is a lage continent which consist of various styles, schools, teachers etc. On the other hand some systems only call themselves «yoga» but in fact have no concern with it. How can beginners feel the difference between the true and false yoga systems?
Kaliji  Through sincere practice, discrimination follows. Their own heart and wisdom will guide. Everyone is at a different wave length or vibration in life. Each will gravitate to the yoga that speaks to them. There is knowledge to be gained at every step.


Q  What is mudra? Why is it so important in TriYoga practice?
Kaliji  Mudra is the focusing of energy. With focus, the mind concentrates. Meditation requires sustained concentration. It all begins with focus. One can see the application of mudra such as hasta mudra, hand gestures, and trataka, the placement of eyes. The hidden mudra of the mind is the ultimate focus. Without focus there is no yoga. With focus, we can channel energy.


Q  What is flow and how to explain it for beginners?
Kaliji  Flow refers to the flow of prana. A rhythmic breath connected to conscious movement helps to calm the mind. The flow of prana increases when the mind is calm.


Q  TriYoga flows link with activity of kriyavaty siddhi. Can you say what is kriyavaty?
Kaliji  Kriyavati siddhi is spontaneous, effortless flow of hatha yoga on the physical plane as the yogi remains the silent witness. It is for the purpose of a full yoga method being established. There are prana kriyas that yoga students may experience that relates to what is needed for them. TriYoga is a result of Kriyavati Siddhi. On January 5, 1980 I began to experience Kriyavati. It has continued through today guiding the TY sadhana. It is a gift for all.


Q  What can help us best of all on the the path to spiritual awareness?
Kaliji  Eat a pure diet. I have followed the vegan diet over 30 years. Have a regular yoga practice. The rest will follow…


Q  Vedic phlosophy says that each person has a unique mission in this world. How can we find the life,s mission?
Kaliji  With yoga lifestyle, the mind becomes clear. Through this clarity, dharma (duty) is known. It ranges from simply realizing ‘this life is to work out karma’ to perhaps a mission / dharma to uplift society.


Q  Who is Guru and how can we find him?
Kaliji  Him? There is no him or her. Guru is knowledge and has no gender. Know yourself and you will realize the inner guru. And there is Truth in the saying ‘when the student is ready, the Teacher will appear’.


Q  What is more important in yoga sadhana: getting techniques, jnana, bhakti or the principles of yama-niyama?
Kaliji  You have (get) to do it all. We are well rounded by nature. The triple yoga is karma (selfless action), jnana (knowledge), bhakti (devotion). We are to serve, know, and love. It is always the trinity way ~ our soul is surrounded by 3 bodies. We need to have sadhana for each body to harmonize.


Q  What do you think about Russia and Russian yogis?
Kaliji  Russia was the first country I travelled to teach TriYoga. I think the question should be ‘what do the Russian Yogis think about TriYoga?’ I love the TriYoga Russian students! They embrace the triple yoga.


April 2014