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NADA YOGA  Replays and materials: Lessons 1–29

Just wanted to tell You how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flow from the weekend.  Watched again this afternoon. Love being able to go back over it – again and again. Think I’ve got it now. 👌

Love the live jnana!

Massachussetts, USA


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“Your Sutra presentation was wonderful.  Inspiring as always.  Your insights of Sutras flowed effortlessly with deep understanding of yoga wisdom translated into language that reflects the world we live in today.  You are master of what you write because you are master of spiritual truths that vibrate through you.  You are teacher of teachers.  Jaya Guru Devi!”  CA, USA

“I am in afterglow from LIVE today with you!”  CA, USA

“I have listened over and over to Your Q&As to understand and follow the depth contained in them.  I feel so enriched, inspired and deeply touched by your profound answers!  Thank you so much.”   Berlin, Germany

Kaliji’s Samkhya online talk is stunning. There is so much wisdom packed in those 2 hours that it took me 4 hours to get through it. I have an MA is in religious studies and have had several classes on topics in yoga. No graduate seminar I ever attended was able to convey such a vast amount of knowledge so elegantly. Kaliji covered in 2 hours what some of the top professors in the country didn’t cover in10 weeks or more. There was so much energy in that information that just thinking about it makes my heart/mind take flight. Kaliji is a generous teacher with enormous knowledge and I feel truly blessed to be her student. GA, USA

“Listened last night to 1st part of Subtle Anatomy and will listen to rest of it today. The replays help so much to attend the class as time allows.  Also I like being able to rewind and review, very helpful for taking notes.   I love Subtle Anatomy!!!  These online sessions are so beneficial.”   FL, USA