Enable Your Microphone and Video in Adobe Connect

Jaya Guru Devi
Below are the steps to turn on your mic during Live Online session.
Click on images to enlarge.


1. You see this screen, when you login into Live Online room
2. When it is your time to speak or play music, you will be granted “microphone rights” and access to enable your video.
For mic you will see the message: “Microphone Rights Granted” in upper right corner. For video, you will see a video icon appear. Both icons will appear near your name and on the top menu of your screen, as shown in the screenshots below.




3. To enable
Mic: Hover over the mic icon, with your mouse over it, you will see the message: “Connect My Audio”.
Click the button.


Video: Click “Start my Webcam” in the middle of the grey sreen



4. Next you will get the message: “Adobe Flash Player Settings. Camera and Microphone Access”.
Click “Allow”.
Now you are on air with your audio.


5. Final step for video.

Once you click Allow, you will see preview of what all will see. To start your camera, click “Start Sharing”.

Now you are the star:).



6. To mute your mic and disable camera

Mic: click again on the mic button on top of the screen.

it will appear as crossed. Also the mic icon near your name will have a red line across it.


Video: Click “Stop my Webcam” in the upper right corner


To maintain good connection and to avoid sound distortion, only one participant at a time can have microphone on.


Let us know if you have any questions.

Jaya Guru Devi