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KRIYA: Live Online with Yogini Kaliji

Sunday, July 28

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☙ In Remembrance ❧

We have often wondered if those who pass can hear our words, intuit our feelings, answer our calls, and give us inspiration from their divine abode. It is only natural to want to believe as this gives comfort when close friends leave their physical body. Yet, it is more than comfort; it is a reality that we can feel their presence without the physical form. Most importantly is to feel with the heart. Let the thinking mind rest. As the mind calms and the inner heart feels, one can be receptive to the soul in subtle form. Throughout the world we can hear of varied experiences with those who had communication with the subtle realm. A universal thinker realizes the atman (soul), is eternal. We have three bodies; two that remain. The physical body at some time in everyone’s life will dissolve back into the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space. The mind will continue in the subtle body. Upon passing from this physical form, we are still in full remembrance as the mind awareness is still present. We still know one another. It is pretty much the same except for the “WOW, I am still alive but in a subtle form that is so full of light and color it seems I have an even greater form.” And the sublime peace is immediately experienced due to increased knowledge, awareness, and the release of the physical form. And with this, I can feel at peace with my friends passing from physical to the subtle realm. I accept that the great timing of birth and departure are so significant that it must be destiny at play. A destiny we create over eons of time. But nevertheless, we wish our friendships were unbroken even in physical reality. This is where surrender to a higher pure consciousness must take over. We can only achieve peace of mind by such absolute surrender to a higher cause that is far greater and reaching in eternal wisdom to know our time of departure is always in the flow.
These dear TriYoga friends continue to be close at heart. Their presence is not diminished with the release
of the physical form, but rather expanded through their subtle form. Jai to Atman, our Eternal Soul.
We will remain connected in our hearts… and treasure the thought of our next meeting in this journey…
Yogini Kaliji
Location: Windflower Resorts & Spa
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Mysore, India     December 20–27, 2013
TriYoga with Yogini Kaliji

Assisted by Senior-Level TriYoga Teachers
Asana ✧ Pranayama ✧ Meditation Jnana ✧ Chanting
Ayurvedic treatments ✧ Ancient Temples ✧ Majestic Palaces

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Celebrate Datta Jayanti ~ the Universal Trinity
December 14–19 at Datta Peetham
Ashrama of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda


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January 5, 2014
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