~ Prana Healing Prayers ~

We carry within us karma seeds that may sprout and grow or may not. This depends on our present actions. Sometimes it is unchangeable karma that we must face. Within the realm of this destined karma, one can be supported by their care takers and loved ones.
We can also support on a subtle level by concentrating on the person in need as the gift of prana can travel to the person. It is similar to giving money to those in need. Depending on one’s bank account, one person may give a dollar while another gives a $100 donation. We each can offer prana based on our own prana bank reserve.
Together we can make a difference. Whether it be physical or subtle support, it allows the person to know others care. And who knows how much energy we can gather and send:). Together our prana adds up!
Let us send a wave of loving energy flow to those on our list:


Sabine (Berlin, Germany) is receiving treatment for pancreatic cancer. She hopes for healing with light & love.

April 2019

Dr. Patel fell and broke his hip. He is in the hospital doing well and his spirits are high.

April 6, 2019

“Jai has been going through a few years of significant health problems. At this time, she is facing some very serious, and quite possibly life-threatening, healing on multiple levels, with the digestive system most visibly affected. She will be hospitalized to focus on gaining weight and to recover from a gradual decrease in eating that has  placed her at risk. Through it all, she has continued dancing (JAI!!!) and TriYoga Flows and Prana Vidya practices, modifying them as needed, but always tapping into the flow ~ Prana healing prayers would be very much appreciated.”
Citrini, February 8, 2019

Update: On February 6, Rob left the rehabilitation clinic and is mobile on crutches. He is healing well and has four more weeks until he can bear
weight on his repaired hip.
Rob Cornell (Corvallis, OR) broke his right hip on January 23, 2019. His attitude is always positive.  He was walking the first day after surgery: “I can walk—really, hop—with a walker!”

Click the image below to read update from Genevra ~ Feb 17, 2019
Genevra Petito (Rochester, NY) was in a car accident on Jan 15, 2019.  She has undergone two surgeries and is presently in the hospital. Genevra shared about the accident here.

Robert was diagnosed with a serious stage of prostate cancer. After a series of radiation treatments, the condition remained. On May 10, Hanuman Jayanti, Robert was diagnosed with stage 4… He will continue with treatment. Robert is very positive as always with his sense of humor. He lives in Georgetown, Kentucky with partner TY teacher, Katyayani. His birthday is May 11.

Stacy was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2018.
Read updates on her journey here.

March 23, 2018
Good morning Kaliji,
It’s actually almost too fresh for us to believe, but the pathology report from Barri’s surgery shows there were only minimal Isolated Tumor Cells (ITC) in her removed sentinel lymph node. The original breast tumor site itself and other two removed nodes were cancer free.
Her surgeon who is the head of UCSF breast cancer said she’s not worried about Barri having a recurrence, and her oncologist agrees this is an excellent outcome.
We will never take anything for granted, but we are beyond grateful for what could be called a miracle for triple-negative breast cancer. Prayers answered. MUCH love. Thank you so much for your support,
C & B

Barri and Chris

November 22
Barri was diagnosed with breast cancer in August. She is the partner of Chris, TriYoga teacher at TriYoga Center Santa Cruz. Barri is receiving ongoing chemotherapy and a trial immunotherapy drug at UCSF. She is focused on a good vegan diet, walking lots, asana, and gratitude.. On the drive to treatment yesterday morning, between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay, they counted 35 hawks and 2 golden eagles which really lifted their spirits. Chris writes, “We have a zillion things to be grateful for heading into Thanksgiving. Most of all we continue to be very grateful for you, and all the love, prayers, support we are receiving from so many. Thank you.”

Brigitta Baumann, TriYoga teacher in Luzerne, Switzerland, was diagnosed with kidney cancer and had surgery on the 28th of September. She continued her daily TriYoga practice.
Good Health News! Update ~ February 2018


Dearest Kaliji
It ist a big pleasure for me and the familiy, the result of my CT from 25. January is very good. I am so happy. I know, this is as a wonder. I still have often pain probably more then normal, because I have Post Zoster Neuralgie since 2 years, also on the left hand side. The doctor says the nerves are damaged and it takes long time to heal up. So I need still a lot of patience. But my condition is so much better and TryYoga helps me, it is sure.
Since the 8. of January I practice the Yogalessons with wonderful TriYoga Flows which are not to difficult. I am sure I will have more succcess, it takes time, and……I am 74 years old !!!!
Dearest Kaliji, I cannot thanks you enough for your help and I hope I will meet you in spring again in Switzerland.
Much love and very very kind regards

Mercury Max

February 2018
Mercury remained in Florida for 7 months during rehab. In February, Mercury returned to California ready for music!


June 2017
Mercury Max was in a serious, single-car accident on Thursday, June 15, 2017. His car struck a pole and a tree. Fortunately, a nurse was driving by at the time of the accident so help was immediate. He has been in the ICU at the University of Kentucky Hospital Emergency Department. He has a broken bone around his eye, broken ribs, a broken kneecap, and a hair fracture of the C2 vertebrae. The pain is intense. On June 26 he will begin his journey through rehab.