Prana Healing Prayers

We carry within us karma seeds that may sprout and grow or may not. This depends on our present actions. Sometimes it is unchangeable karma that we must face. Within the realm of this destined karma, one can be supported by their care takers and loved ones.
We can also support on a subtle level by concentrating on the person in need as the gift of prana can travel to the person. It is similar to giving money to those in need. Depending on one’s bank account, one person may give a dollar while another gives a $100 donation. We each can offer prana based on our own prana bank reserve.
Together we can make a difference. Whether it be physical or subtle support, it allows the person to know others care. And who knows how much energy we can gather and send:). Together our prana adds up!
Let us send a wave of loving energy flow to those on our list:
August 11, 2020

Abel started Hospice today.

April 14, 2020

Abel has been admitted to the hospital today.

February 15, 2020

Abel Jeuland was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago with pancreatic cancer, after a period of abdominal pain and weight loss. He will begin chemotherapy shortly and we hope will be able to have “whipple” surgery in a few months to remove the pancreatic tumor, followed by more chemotherapy. He is in good spirits. His family hopes that his positive outlook, strong prana, and warrior spirit will help him beat the odds. Abel has helped produce a strong TriYoga family; he is the husband of Chicago TriYoga teacher Maretta, father of Philadelphia-area senior TriYoga teacher Citrini, of New Haven-area TriYoga teacher Eric, and of Chapel Hill-area TriYoga student Marc, as well as grandfather to 5 grandchildren, many of whom have been TriYogis in utero and since birth. Abel has been a regular TriYoga student for many years.

Just got a message from my father to his oncologist. He is asking if he can resume his usual 3 days/week yoga classes 😁 JGD


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