Prana Healing Prayers

We carry within us karma seeds that may sprout and grow or may not. This depends on our present actions. Sometimes it is unchangeable karma that we must face. Within the realm of this destined karma, one can be supported by their care takers and loved ones.
We can also support on a subtle level by concentrating on the person in need as the gift of prana can travel to the person. It is similar to giving money to those in need. Depending on one’s bank account, one person may give a dollar while another gives a $100 donation. We each can offer prana based on our own prana bank reserve.
Together we can make a difference. Whether it be physical or subtle support, it allows the person to know others care. And who knows how much energy we can gather and send:). Together our prana adds up!
Let us send a wave of loving energy flow to those on our list:

Jaya Guru Devī TriYoga Kula, we have included Sara’s emails as we felt they are inspiring to read. It is never easy to face a health crisis; yet, Sara is showing us there can be a way to embrace the moment with freedom of fear. Her words express it beautifully...
~Yogini Kaliji

Aug 11

Healing kimono dance energy gift from my sweet Aunt Sue and cousins Maggie and Annie. Original live music by my son Bron. Enthusiastic watching by my brother Dan. Unhesitant filming by my sister Eileen. ❤️🙌🎶🥰✨

Aug 8

Many of my Facebook friends are aware that I was diagnosed with ovarian and breast cancer in early June 2021. I have tolerated two surgeries and one of six rounds of chemotherapy well and feel – as weird as it may sound – wonderful…. I am buoyed by the love, prayers and positive energy of so many – family, friends, yoga communities, coworkers. I am grateful for the love and lessons of this experience. As my hair has been heavily falling out, today brought me to Bron’s barbershop ❤️🙏❤️🙌❤️✨❤️🕊❤️✨❤️🙌❤️🙏


June 4

Hello dear yogis!

I have some news to share. I was diagnosed with breast cancer today and am awaiting further work up for ascites which is fluid in the abdominal cavity. I recently (this week) had a hospital admission and am currently not in condition to participate in the yoga training. I am so grateful for every minute I have had with you all and for the sacred practice of TriYoga. I hope to be able to practice again soon if possible. I am staying positive and grateful for all the love and support I have in my life. I know everything is a lesson and I am open to receiving this one. Please feel free to share this with anyone of you think it is appropriate. Prayers and positive thoughts are a great gift to me right now!



June 5

Dearest Kaliji,

Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I am very moved by them. Your positive thoughts and prayers are great treasures to me.

There are so many signs of the Divine reassuring me through this! My first nurse at the hospital’s name was Angel ✨. My sister and brother immediately relocated to Cincinnati to help me through this. My parents sent my 17 year old son and his childhood friend and our dog to a cabin in Michigan to enjoy the lake, campfires, Nature and autonomy. All my doctors have been so wonderful. Many are very impressed and encouraged by my vegan diet 🙂 I have prayers and positivity radiating from many powerful and sweet souls like yourself. I feel a new levels of peace, surrender and equanimity to continue to receive this lesson and work through this karma.

Your words are a great blessing, a healing salve.

Thank you dear Kaliji for your presence in the world and for so generously sharing the Kriya Vati you have received with us all. I am so blessed to know you.

Jaya Guru Devi!

June 6

I have the gift of surrender to this karma and receptivity to the lesson within this experience and the Divine presence that is everywhere. Everything nonessential is dropping away. I’m not afraid which is a great blessing. I am very blessed!

June 7

Thank you dear sweet Kaliji! Your words are a soothing balm!

I would love to be on the Prana Healing Prayer page; thank you! I am an open book regarding this experience, so please feel free to share what you think is appropriate on the Prana Healing Prayer page. I’m so grateful to have this support!

I greatly look forward to returning to TY practice whether online, in a training or at SoHum Center. So many blessings in how accessible you have made TY!!!

Thank you from the depth of my being!

Infinite blessings!

June 9

I feel so divinely supported through this and the TriYoga family has been such a large part of that! Your prayers and positive energy/thoughts are my greatest gifts; thank you! I have a new level of peace and surrender and feel the Divine hand holding mine. Having so many yogis in my life lifting me up energetically and mentally is so precious! Thank you for this!!!

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