TriYoga Teacher Trainer
Director of TriYoga Center Königstein, Germany
Q: When and how did you begin to practice TriYoga?
A: In 1983, I left France to travel through North America and Central America. On this trip, I came to Santa Cruz, which I liked a lot. I decided to stay for a while. I was in Santa Cruz until 1990. During that time, I met Kaliji in the Ashram and I started to study Yoga. A short time later, I was attending regular classes at the TriYoga Center in Santa Cruz. Every Sunday there was a gathering to chant with Kaliji and Merury. It was wonderful.
Q: What is it about TriYoga that inspired you to practice it for the rest of your life?
A: I started practicing Yoga at about 18 years old. I already knew Yoga was my path. I loved movement, dance, nature and quiet time. I’d also been interested in healing methods.
When I came to the States, I started studying Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine and acupuncture. I was practicing Tai Chi and Chi Gong and giving massages.
I participated in the first TriYoga Teacher Training given in Santa Cruz. For me, TriYoga was a wonderful way to practice and bring together all the qualities I loved: the healing aspect, the flowing and quiet aspects – qualities which I already practiced doing Chi Gong and Tai Chi. Before I left the States to come back to Europe, I had already started teaching. When I returned to Europe in 1990, I knew that I wanted to keep following the same healing path.
Q: What changes did the practice bring your body, mind and life flow?
A: With TriYoga I found the path to my heart. It has been and still is a way to be connected to my heart. Teaching is a joy for me.
My understanding of TriYoga has been growing with time, probably because I am also getting older. Starting very young, I was searching for a deeper meaning in my life; for that reason I started to practice Yoga and to feel my body, my breath. After practicing Hatha Yoga for many years, I felt I had reached a point where I could not go any further. As part of this inner search, I decided to leave Europe to travel. When I came to Santa Cruz, California, I was able to get on the learning pathway, which took me to the place where I am now.
I met Kaliji when I was taking a teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga. Later I came to the TriYoga Center in Santa Cruz. At that time, the part that touched me the most was Kirtan. I was also taking TriYoga classes. Yet, the deep meaning of the flows came to me later when I began to teach in Europe. I realized that TriYoga is the path to my heart. There was a big shift in the way I related to Kaliji and TriYoga when I came back to the US. Now I laugh, thinking that I had to leave California to realize the full depth of TriYoga and my relationship with Kaliji. Now I feel deeply connected to Kaliji. Our relationship is full of deep trust, lightness, playfulness and joy.
By the way, by the time that I returned to the US, there were many more flows written down. I was thrilled about this, took all the manuals back to Europe with me, and began to practice the flows. Later I returned and again took the Basics certification in Malibu.
Q: How did you decide that you wanted to open a TriYoga Center?
A: In the States, I had a little clinic, offering acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine. It was natural to add TriYoga as a healing path.
Q: Now that you have been sharing TriYoga for a while, what about teaching it do you like the most? What place does it hold in your life?
A: I love to work with people, I enjoy teaching and sharing my experiences with my students, being connected with my heart and my center. I want each of us to find the path that makes us happy and serene. It is a blessing to be part of the TriYoga team.
Q: How does being connected to your heart express itself in your daily life?
A: In my daily life “being connected to my heart” means being connected to an inner force which reflects in my relationship to myself and others: to be kind to myself and others; to be gentle with myself if I make mistakes, and the same with others; to be kind to animals and respect nature; to trust and to be more confident; to keep following the path of learning; to enjoy life, to feel alive!!! And to have access to a wisdom that guides me through life.