group photoMy first few trips to Europe were as an assistant to Kaliji. Of course it is beyond wonderful to travel with Kaliji. In addition to “on the road” adventure and fun, Kaliji gifts one with teaching knowledge and life knowledge.
For me it is a blessing and honor to share TriYoga abroad and I feel these initial tours with Kaliji provided the foundation. Now when I am teaching alone, I often miss being with Kaliji but then I realize, that she is always with us through TriYoga Flows and I feel Her energy guiding. Before each class I ask for Her guidance and after each class I say “Thank You” with love.
For me the special part of teaching abroad is the connection and re-connection with our worldwide TriYoga family, with countless brothers and sisters in the flow all over the planet… and each journey adds more.
On my recent trip (July, 2009) I was joined by my daughter Kara (also TriYoga teacher). It was such a joy to have her there, besides she added music and chanting to our lunch breaks. The students loved it:).
Speaking about TriYoga friends… I even have a dog and a cat friends in Europe. Here is a photo of Linus and Lilli whose home I stay in while teaching in Zurich.
Tarini assisting in classAs for specifics of teaching in Europe, each group of students who take part in TYTT have been working together for a year. There is always a nice bond between them. They complete the year with a final intensive week which is 7 days/40 hours. This provides an opportunity to go to a deep level with TriYoga. Teachers and students truly feel, experience the blessings Kaliji bestows…and we all enjoy:).
Of course, in the USA, this is experienced too,  even though the trainings are done a little differently.