Q In Level 3, how do we go from Raised Cobra to Extended Mountain? A In Level 3, the hips (base of spine) initiate the movement back, then straight leg begins lifting.  The spine goes into alignment from base to crown as hips move back and the leg lifts.  (In Level 1 and 2, pass.. read more →

Q  What is the position of arms in Eagle? A One elbow on top of other, palms facing each other, hands touching and in Om mudra. Elbows are out in front from shoulders, parallel to ground. Nandi read more →



Q In Pelican, introduced Level 2 series 4, do the hips stay level? Can the back thigh lift? Is the spine in extension or is there a slight cobra feeling? AThe hips cannot stay level when the feeling is the thigh lifting higher; thus, the back thigh aims to lift. There is the feeling of cobra.. read more →

QIn Level 2, 3-3 Autumn could you please describe the transitions and the Asanas themselves for # 7 thru 11, that is from Pyramid 1 to Pyramid 2 to Extended pyramid, Seated Pyramid and Seated Pyramid Forward bend? Something does not feel right as I move through these postures but I can’t figure out where.. read more →

Q What is the difference between L-Seat Toe Stretch 1 and L-Seat Toe Stretch 2 from Level 2, Series 3, Winter? A From L-Seat Tortoise: L-Seat Toe Stretch 1 has toes tucked under with knee to earth on tortoise side, like in Extended Child. L-Seat Toe Stretch 2 has the top of foot to earth.. read more →