Q What is the difference between L-Seat Toe Stretch 1 and L-Seat Toe Stretch 2 from Level 2, Series 3, Winter? A From L-Seat Tortoise: L-Seat Toe Stretch 1 has toes tucked under with knee to earth on tortoise side, like in Extended Child. L-Seat Toe Stretch 2 has the top of foot to earth.. read more →

Q Please, explain Level 1, 4-3 Autumn Please explain I Tortoise 1, E Tortoise Bow, I Tortoise Arch, E Tortoise Bow, I Tortoise 1, E Extended Tortoise. Thank you A E Tortoise Bow – keep tailbone and sternum lifted as you bring forehead to earth, arms by side, hands by feet. I Tortoise Arch –.. read more →

Q I have a question which one of my students in the Level 1 teachers training has asked: why in Level 1 Series 3 the spring is like winter, she said that she does not get the ‘logic’ of the series. I did not really have an answer. I said there is definitely a reason.. read more →