Senior-Level TriYoga Teacher
Teaches TriYoga Teacher Trainings in the USA, Europe and other countries.
Home base: Santa Cruz, CA
Q: When and how did you start practicing TriYoga?
A: I started in 1995. I wanted to learn to meditate and a friend suggested yoga. Since I had been a dancer and yoga involved movement and meditation, this sounded like a good idea. Soon after that I received a catalogue in the mail advertising classes at our mountain community center. There was an evening TriYoga class that fit with my work and parenting schedule. At the time, I did not know anything about yoga so it feels quite magical that of all the possibilities the class that came to me was TriYoga.
Q: Was Kaliji teaching that very first class?
A: No, my first teacher was Anne, a mountain resident and certified TriYoga teacher. Anne will always hold a special place in my heart.
Q: When did you meet Kaliji?
A: When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Kaliji entered my life when many things were disappearing. The partner I was with left, my mom left her body, the doctor, who I thought I would be working with for a long time was diagnosed with a terminal disease… My daughter was a teenager and more self-sufficient. Obviously, it was time for a shift.
Anne said many times to me, “Take a workshop with Kaliji at the Santa Cruz Center”. Eventually I did.
Q: And that’s when you realized that it is your path?
A: My heart and soul surely got it, but the mind took some time to catch up. However, I was drawn to practicing and learning to teach so I started to attend TriYoga teacher trainings and retreats, and spent more time around Kaliji.
At first I was not really sure about the concept of guru. Do I desire this guidance? Is Kaliji my guru? Since I was practicing TriYoga sadhana daily, energy channels were gently and continually opening and clarity began to flow. One day in Malibu during a workshop taught by Kaliji, I looked up to see Kaliji lighting an altar candle. White light surrounded her. At that moment words inside my head said: “Of course, she is your guru. She is a woman who embodies the higher knowledge, is a cosmic dancer, loves animals, has precious cats. How could it be more perfect!”
The moment this realization occurred – that she is my teacher and I am here to share the teachings – I felt such happiness, joy and peace. The mind had caught up with the heart and we were home.
Q: Did you start to seriously study to become a TriYoga teacher?
A: My mom left me some money and I was able to take a break from work. My daughter was not a small child any longer, so that freed up some time too. Yes, I took teacher trainings; I went to Malibu as often as I could. I traveled with Kaliji. For me learning TriYoga was (and is) not only studying the flows. I learned and learn so much from being around Kaliji’s energy. Sometimes, I would go to Malibu just to work in the garden and be around her. I learn a lot traveling on the road with her. She guides by her example in so many ways. What I love the most is that the learning never stops. Kaliji always gives so much!
By the way, my beautiful daughter, Kara Ayn, who as a young child patiently did her homework in the studio corner while I took TriYoga classes, is now a certified TriYoga teacher.
Q: As for TriYoga Flows, how did you learn them? Did it take you much time to get certified and to start to teach?
A: I was lucky to be in Santa Cruz. I took daily classes. I attended workshops and teacher trainings as much as possible. Once certified in Basics, I continued learning by assisting at the teacher trainings. Also I learned a lot through my body. I kept doing the sequences over and over again. At first the movements were initiated from the outside. But with repetition of the movement mantras, they eventually began to be initiated from a deeper place. So personal practice meant (and means) a lot for me.
Of course, I learned most from Kaliji. I would always take a lot of notes during workshops with her. Often she mentions subtle details that can make a huge energy difference! I love it! I am always impressed by how Kaliji gives new subtleties exactly when we are ready.
As I mentioned above, learning never ends. It is so exciting for me that TriYoga, being so perfect in every aspect, keeps evolving and the learning is an on-going process.
Q: You were a dancer before. Did your dancing experience help you in learning TriYoga?
Tarini in Full SwanA: I think it did to some extent. I had the body awareness and understanding of movement. I had this attention to details. I was for many years a professional Labanotator, recording dances on paper in symbols down to the minutest detail. But dance never taught me spirituality. Dance is done more to please an audience, for the outside appearance. TriYoga is to open energy channels and create the path toward higher knowledge. Kaliji is a cosmic dancer. She teaches me how to dance the Universal Dance.
Q: Did the practice of TriYoga make a difference on how you feel in your physical body, in your mind?
A: Oh, yes! Everyday I feel gratitude and give thanks that Kaliji and TriYoga are in my life. I lived through some dark times, so to feel the light is a great blessing.
Kaliji has revealed the fun and joy of life to me. Sometimes I wish I had known Kaliji and TriYoga earlier in my life. Ahh but… I know it is all perfectly in the flow. The happiness and joy that Kaliji brings into my life are amazing. Even when things are not that well on the planet and/or on a personal level, the inner joy remains. It is a great gift.
Another thing that I love about TriYoga is the gentleness with which it opens up energy channels. So gently that one may not even notice as it happens. Only later we look back at our lives – who we were, how we felt, how we behaved… – and are amazed: “Wow, what a difference!” The dramatic change happens very gradually. Kaliji is like a mother patiently guiding us so that we may learn.
And along with all that, Kaliji is so much fun. One of the many things I love about her is her true joy with life and her playfulness (unlike many of us who may take situations and ourselves too seriously). I feel blessed to have her as my teacher.
Q: You teach all over: USA, Europe. What is important to learn or know to be a good TriYoga teacher?
A: For me it is important to teach from the heart. Of course one needs to know TriYoga Flows well. I also believe a good teacher will always remain teachable, humble and devoted. For me the devotion is to Kaliji and TriYoga. I know that when I teach, it is not me. It is Kaliji. I am a vehicle. Devotion and surrender give me strength, freedom and lightness. I strive to live the teachings she gives to us and share them generously with others.
I accept that everybody has their own path. Kaliji never pushes anything on us. She generously gives the gift and what to do with this gift remains our choice. I choose devotion, sharing TriYoga and being joyously happy in the flow with Kaliji.