TYI Tech Team Help Session

KRIYA Daily Live Online programs are viewed through Zoom, and broadcast like a television program—you are not seen or heard by anyone.  
The TYI Tech Team Help Session is aimed at those who are joining Zoom for the first time. During the meeting we will guide how to use the features of Zoom during a Daily Live Online program, for both mobile devices and laptop/desktop computers. 
The instructions on this page will guide you how to join the Tech Help Session meeting using Zoom. You can contact the TYI Tech Team anytime at office@triyoga.com if you require more assistance. Additional support can be found on the Zoom website where there are extensive video tutorials.
The meeting room will open 20 minutes prior to the 10am PST, February 13 start time. However, you can follow these steps to join anytime prior.
To join, first click on this Zoom meeting link.
If you are using a desktop computer, you will be prompted to either download or open the Zoom app. The Zoom app is recommended for the best experience, but is not necessary; you can also join the class directly through the web browser. Note that a Zoom account is not required to use the Zoom app and join a meeting.
If you are using a mobile device (phone or tablet), then you will be prompted to install the Zoom app before you can join the meeting. The app is required to join the Zoom meeting on these devices.
After launching the meeting (having installed the Zoom app if needed) you will be asked to complete registration to join the webinar. This is a temporary registration only. Enter a screen name and an email address. The email address is a security measure and is completely private. If you happen to be using the Zoom app, and are logged in to a Zoom account, then no email will be requested.
After this, you will be admitted into the meeting. That’s it! 🙂 If you join prior to the meeting being open, you will receive a message like this:
Once the meeting opens, this message will disappear and you will enter the meeting room.
 The “Test Computer Audio” button will guide you through steps to check that your sound is connected properly. For the Daily Live Online programs, you only need to hear (your microphone is not used). It is a great idea to do this prior to the Tech Help Session; that way, you have time to contact the Tech Team for support if needed.
 Once you are in the meeting room, you will see program slides and hear music until the meeting starts. It will look something like this (laptop screen is shown):
We look forward to seeing you!
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