Thank you, Kaliji for the lovely, blissful & inspiring flow. So appreciate all of the teachings! JGD
Enjoying the sutras this morning... resonating with the non attachment and acceptance of what it is now.. the unconditional love 💖 Jaya Guru Devi
Gayatri, USA
You touch the heart with your voice and your words and your love.
JAI! THANK YOU KALIJI… I feel good and calm … wonderful:) Will try to save this feeling for a long, long, long time 🙂
Aditi, Ukraine
JAI ❤💖❤ Thank you dear Kaliji for gifting us every day with TriYoga wisdom 🌹🙏❤ JGD 🌈 TriYoga is the most important life saving energy for me too ~ it offers very much grace and recovery ~So so thankful for it ~ JGDEVI
Ananda, Hungary
Yogini Live Sutras, the way you say it, explaining the unexplainable is Poetic. So Simple and Profound. The AUM of Isvara … in that moment, your voice, like pure liquid crystal Conveys the subtle vibration ~ OM Satchitananda. It is no wonder. You are Isvara, the form and the formless, the bindu at heart.
The essence of your class yesterday.  SOHUM, the I AM, Satchitananda - existence knowledge bliss, all expanding into Universal consciousness.  This is my favorite subject. Beautiful explanations, like a flower that opens layer upon layer of understanding and just keeps expanding into higher levels of awareness.  Grateful  Kaliji for the great wisdom that so naturally flows forth.
Anasuya, USA
Thank you - your words are so inspirational and so needed right now. As a teacher at the Community Colleges, both my students and the people are in stress levels that we have not dealt with. I so appreciate you offering this session and hope to attend more. With gratitude. Namaste
Audrey, USA
Dearest Nandi I swam a mile today and open up flow replays "Free the Hips /SpineJuly 23" led by Nandi~ Decided to be a beginners mind and 21 years after finding TY I heard beautiful cues like never before I am so blissed out right now and thank you for your teaching, your friendship ,and your soul❤️🙏🏼
Bhakti Lila, USA
A beautiful practice ~ thank you for taking us deeper into the calm mind. Blissful flow ~~ Jaya Guru Devi
Carrie, USA
I felt compelled to write to express how over the moon I am about the recent additions of Replays to the Live Flows... Lately, I have had a lot of unexpected meetings that have made it difficult for me to join the flows. Being able to enjoy the previous days' yoga, or to flow along with one from earlier, when I miss the live opportunity, has been much appreciated and delightful. Triyog-ah forever!
Yor lessons make the roots of my wisdom grow deeper.
Casey, USA
The flow of knowledge in this class is amazing 😻
Cathi, USA
Dearest Kaliji, Just thank you for your wonderful teachings, I enjoy so much your classes in replay and all the other presenters. What an enormous wisdom ! Today was very special and deep, even with all the three children around working at the table and me lying and stretching on the mat. During the hole hour I had the impression feeling every cell of my body. Great and deep flow - batteries charged 😉💓🕉 Being in the here and now is so good and the more I am the more I see that it’s not normal for everybody. You are so clear and beautiful in your words such an inspiration and gift 💝
Claudia, Germany
Very grateful to know you , for all your knowledge and wisdom, practicality and grace and to watch you "walk your talk" and so much more, but in this moment I am most grateful for your ability to clarify these great teachings and the Sutras and make them more comprehensible so seemingly effortlessly and without oversimplifying . Another great and welcome gift for all of us. As much as I enjoy and appreciate your teaching and commentary on the sutras and Yoga philosophy i am humbled to my knees. Sometimes it actually takes my breath away.
Constance, USA
Thank you Kaliji from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for leading us into expanding our awareness and knowledge. Thank you dear Kaliji for this beautiful flow, coming home, and resting there. Love love love to all of you Namaste
Dagmar, Australia
What a wonderful class today again, such a peace love and joy you spread through your classes. Your subtle Energy, your sattvic state of mind, you lift, you elevate me, you get me into a deep state of knowing. Thank you - thank dear Guru Sri Kaliji 🥰
Dagmar, Australia
Relishing this uplifting Saraswati flow of compassion & wisdom!
Daniel, USA
Thank you from Deep inside my heart for being with us These days and for making Daily TriYoga LIVE ONLINE possible, dearest Kaliji 🙂 JGDevi
Daniela, Germany
JGDevi ... it's always a joy to be with you. May all beings in this and all other worlds be happy and calm. As calm and blissful as we are. Now. Feel love, breathe, stay in this place. YES. JGD Thank you @Everyone UNIVERSE*UFO*UNITY*
Daniela, Germany
I am so proud of our dear teacher Kaliji for her ceaseless work bringing Tri Yoga all around our beautiful planet. What a wonderful blessing she has been in my life. Multiply that by the tens of thousands of people all around the World. Thank you Kaliji, and may your wonderful work continue to prosper and bless the lives of millions more. You deserve all of the love so many feel for you. JGDX333
David, USA
Practicing with you brings me so much joy and gives me a sense of connection to the love in the universe I otherwise would not have. With much love and gratitude,
Doretta, Germany
Kaliji's classes are so helpful to me during this time. Not only are we dealing with the Shelter In Place situation, but I and all of my neighbors (60 houses in my community above Santa Cruz) have been evacuated because of the fires. She through Triyoga gives me peace and comfort and well-being during these difficult times. I am so looking forward to the in-person classes, when we can return after Covid crisis is resolved! Love to all of you at Triyoga,
Dee, USA
Dorothy Coletta to Panelists : My heart is filled with gratitude for this nurturing flow, dear Kaliji! Thank you for watering us flowers every day!
Dorothy, USA
I am interested in any program You are offering, because I'm gaining more knowledge all the time!
Eva-Maria, Germany
Wonderful grounding centering opening relaxing calmness ≈≈≈ and so supportive music. Thank You Kaliji for being here with us ≈ for sharing magical TriYoga Flows. Jaya Guru Devi
So beautiful transformative TriYoga Flow...Lightness Calmness expanse....refreshed centered afternoon nature darshana and then Your Jnana beautiful Flow....Nature in movement Breath Flow immerge into the Flows You give and live....Thank You Kaliji 🧡 for TriYoga Jay Jay Jay! Jaya Guru Devi 🌷
Francesca, Germany
Peaceful stillness expands.....Body Breath Mind Flows into peace inner wisdom vivid water flow......Thank You Kaliji........Jaya Guru Devi to Everyone ❤️ Flowers around the Globe ❤️
Francesca, Germany
Studying TriYoga with Kaliji is a great gift...take advantage and feel better instantly!!!
Harmony, USA
Jaya Guru Devi dearest Kaliji Once again I’m so deeply touched and moved by your presence, your wisdom and authenticity! It’s difficult to express with words how much it means to me to experiencing your presence and being able to share your gift, TriYoga, with my surrounding! As you said, it’s not just a practice on the mat, it’s a whole and holistic lifestyle 🧘🏼‍♀️ I LOVE every second of this life in the flow... With deepest gratitude and love Guru Mata Ki Jay
Ishtar, Switzerland
NOW is always the best. Kaliji finds a way to be in our lives and in a very personal way. When I flow with Kaliji, I feel I am in a private session with her. Just Kaliji, me and my breath.
Jia, USA
The TriYoga sutras were sweetness to my soul and body, a gentle wave of of the most beautifully clear and clean energy. The scent of them surrounds me now as I am off to make a vegan banana bread.
Jean, USA
JGD Kaliji I would love to express my gratitude to all the outstanding classes that TriYoga is offering, with talented teachers... I did not sent any home work yet, so thankful to learn on our own pace ... I love and enjoyed every moment on the sounds Sanskrit learning, so fascinating to learn this ancient universal language... and tomorrow the Vedic Astrology, can’t wait ( sorry I will running late ) but happy to do the replay. ( teaching basic TY at Phoenix college). Triyoga is the best knowledgeable school in the galaxy 🌌 so grateful 🙏🏼
Gayatri, USA
Jasmin, USA
Many thanks for this powerful, transformative and transportive practice! So thankful we do this regularly! The mantras replay themselves throughout the day! 🙏🏻🕉🥰Triyoga is the best knowledgeable school in the galaxy 🌌 so grateful 🙏🏼
Jia, USA
Great program!!! Such a great combination of Jnana & Mantra. Such beautiful and peaceful mantra sound.
Katya, USA
So inspired. These daily classes have been so transformative! Deeply grateful for Yogini Kaliji and the TY Team for all you are and do!
Kelly, USA
beloved Kaliji. Thank you for being here on earth and sharing this wonderful and life changing experience of TriYoga with us.
Kiki, Berlin
Thank you Kaliji, beautiful practice and wonderful graphics ~ absolutely love the TriYoga is the Practice, the Path and the Goal ~ it is always illuminating and precious to spend time with you.
JGD! Thank you! Every moment with Kaliji is really blissfull ))
Irina, Russia
It is an extraordinary time that we get to be here on the screen yet be so ever present together.  Your shaktipat is palpable. Mother Goddess is truly shining through you.  It would be nice to to see your smile smiling back at mine, although I must say that would be just to honor the past, as in this present moment I truly feel there is no separation between your heart and mine.  You are so beautiful, a one of a kind miracle.
Mati, USA
What an Indescribable Blessing ~ Thank You Divine Kaliji and Endless Rays Shining All Around You Pranams and All Our Love
Manu, USA
Jaya Guru Devi! KALIJI❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏, You showed me the way to myself and supported me.... Thank You Pranam Love You❤️🙏 Jaya Guru Devi!
Maya, Ukraine
Thank You, Yogini Kaliji, for the endless variety of Basics series! Sunday Basics is like a hOMecoming, to me.
Mitradeva, Germany
Ah, one of the best things in my life is to find you and TriYoga. I am full of love for both.
Monika, Germany
Thank You sooo much Kaliji. Even though I have been studying and teaching TriYoga for so many years I learn from You every class. It’s a total joy and I’m very grateful . It’s been a fabulous time. So much knowledge of the flows and life! Always so grateful for Your daily offerings. They encompass all aspects of yogic knowledge in addition to absolutely awesome flows
Medha, USA
Thank you, Kaliji for sharing your time, your wisdom, your light, and your love! Thank you all for sharing your energy as one
Nancy, USA
Thank you, Kaliji! Wonderful practice. I feel so calm and relaxed. Such a blessing. JGD
Patty. USA
Flowing with you is taking a pure breath of love and consciousness! I am so grateful to you in my life. I Love the online flows and have fine-tuned my teaching just being in your presence!
Rosemary, USA
How wonderful I finally get to BE in the flow with you more....which Was and Is my Dream!! Happiness is Online Daily is The Greatest Gift to us all! At every Level... Wonderful 🦋 Deep ☮️and Fun!!! 😅 Feeling Blessed and Very Grateful! See you Soon! I LOVE YOU,
Sevika, UKA
Thanks to KRIYA Online I'm having my best yoga life EVER! Bless you Darling Yogini Kaliji
Sharada. USA
Wow Thanks to the pandemic, world got to benefit from Kaliji’s wisdom more than ever before
Sudhir. USA
Thank you so much Kaliji. Beautiful to connect with all the flowers in the circle of light. Such a gentle and subtle way through the nuances of flow ! Celestial flow from the stars to our hearts. JGD
Surya. USA
JGD! Beautiful calm peaceful flowing together. Thank you Dear Kaliji for such refined Jnana and Luminous Compassion.
Surya. USA
JGD🙏🏻 I am convinced my quick recovery from brain surgery was the Blessing of TriYoga Sadhana
Suzy. USA
I love all of this. You teach everything so completely with appropriate detail and how each thing connects to the whole of yoga. I love this series! Thank you OM Sri Kaliji!
Tara, USA
JGD. Thank you so very much Kaliji for beautiful wonderful crystal clear yoga sūtra commentary.
Tarini, USA
I felt the connection between us all and the energy was amazing!!! JGD Kaliji and thank you for doing this for us during this time of silence for the planet. Love & blessings Your online energy shines through like always. Your vibration is so clear, present and I marvel at how much I feel you through the air waves, though I do miss your many variations I so enjoy when you manifest in person.
Tejas, USA
I’ve been telling the flow-ers here I’m attending the International TriYoga Conference, basking in the knowledge, basking in the joy. Loving this trinity!@ The Tejas Flow Made me shine. I loved it. Thank you. ~ JGD ~
Theresa, USA
Thank you Kaliji for these beautiful daily gifts! Yes please do continue to stretch us in body, spirit & mind ! I love your stories 🙂 Its wonderful to be in TriYoga community, Love to All JGD
Thiery, USA
Thank you Kaliji for gave us a complete practice! What a wonderful start of the day~~~even I just can't move now though (*'▽') I'm gonna stay in this field little while(^。^) Thank you Kaliji for letting us experience the floating inner journey! Now I feel so peaceful. Thanks for leeting us experience the Universal energy. It's flowing inside now and makes me so calm.
Toshi, Japan
I feel tremendous energy is flowing inside and that expands my body and mind! How nice to be guided level 3 pranayama! Thank you Kaliji for letting us experience the energy body. Jaya Guru Devi.
Toshi, Japan
We both deeply appreciate You and TriYoga, it's integral part of our lives. Kaliji"s online programs are deeply in my schedule. With love,
Ulya & Detlef
Your amazing KALIJI! Thank you for your continued teachings and kind and beautiful self !
Veronica Wade Lewis
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