JAI! THANK YOU KALIJI… I feel good and calm … wonderful:) Will try to save this feeling for a long, long, long time 🙂
Aditi, Ukraine
JAI ❤💖❤ Thank you dear Kaliji for gifting us every day with TriYoga wisdom 🌹🙏❤ JGD 🌈
Ananda, Hungary
The essence of your class yesterday.  SOHUM, the I AM, Satchitananda - existence knowledge bliss, all expanding into Universal consciousness.  This is my favorite subject. Beautiful explanations, like a flower that opens layer upon layer of understanding and just keeps expanding into higher levels of awareness.  Grateful  Kaliji for the great wisdom that so naturally flows forth.
Anasuya, USA
Thank you - your words are so inspirational and so needed right now. As a teacher at the Community Colleges, both my students and the people are in stress levels that we have not dealt with. I so appreciate you offering this session and hope to attend more. With gratitude. Namaste
Audrey, USA
Thank you Kaliji, beautiful practice and wonderful graphics ~ absolutely love the TriYoga is the Practice, the Path and the Goal ~ it is always illuminating and precious to spend time with you. Thank you for this time and this practice. Thank you TY team. JAYA GURU DEVI
Carrie, USA
Thank you Kaliji from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for leading us into expanding our awareness and knowledge. Love love love to all of you Namaste
Dagmar, Australia
Relishing this uplifting Saraswati flow of compassion & wisdom!
Daniel, USA
JGDevi ... it's always a joy to be with you. May all beings in this and all other worlds be happy and calm. As calm and blissful as we are. Now. Feel love, breathe, stay in this place. YES. JGD Thank you @Everyone UNIVERSE*UFO*UNITY*
Daniela, Germany
Kaliji's classes are so helpful to me during this time. Not only are we dealing with the Shelter In Place situation, but I and all of my neighbors (60 houses in my community above Santa Cruz) have been evacuated because of the fires. She through Triyoga gives me peace and comfort and well-being during these difficult times. I am so looking forward to the in-person classes, when we can return after Covid crisis is resolved! Love to all of you at Triyoga,
Dee, USA
I am interested in any program You are offering, because I'm gaining more knowledge all the time!
Eva-Maria, Germany
Practicing with you brings me so much joy and gives me a sense of connection to the love in the universe I otherwise would not have. With much love and gratitude,
Doretta, Germany
Peaceful stillness expands.....Body Breath Mind Flows into peace inner wisdom vivid water flow......Thank You Kaliji........Jaya Guru Devi to Everyone ❤️ Flowers around the Globe ❤️
Francesca, Germany
Great program!!! Such a great combination of Jnana & Mantra. Such beautiful and peaceful mantra sound.
Katya, USA
So inspired. These daily classes have been so transformative! Deeply grateful for Yogini Kaliji and the TY Team for all you are and do!
Kelly, USA
It is an extraordinary time that we get to be here on the screen yet be so ever present together.  Your shaktipat is palpable. Mother Goddess is truly shining through you.  It would be nice to to see your smile smiling back at mine, although I must say that would be just to honor the past, as in this present moment I truly feel there is no separation between your heart and mine.  You are so beautiful, a one of a kind miracle.
Mati, USA
Thank You, Yogini Kaliji, for the endless variety of Basics series! Sunday Basics is like a hOMecoming, to me.
Mitradeva, Germany
Ah, one of the best things in my life is to find you and TriYoga. I am full of love for both.
Monika, Germany
Thank You sooo much Kaliji. Even though I have been studying and teaching TriYoga for so many years I learn from You every class. It’s a total joy and I’m very grateful
Medha, USA
Thank you, Kaliji for sharing your time, your wisdom, your light, and your love! Thank you all for sharing your energy as one
Nancy, USA
Jai ! Thank YOU so much KALIJI ! ~ beautiful foundation ~ such a deep flow ~ love it ! Jaya Guru Devi 🙂
Priya. USA
JGD🙏🏻 I am convinced my quick recovery from brain surgery was the Blessing of TriYoga Sadhana
Suzy. USA
I love all of this. You teach everything so completely with appropriate detail and how each thing connects to the whole of yoga. I love this series! Thank you OM Sri Kaliji!
Tara, USA
I felt the connection between us all and the energy was amazing!!! JGD Kaliji and thank you for doing this for us during this time of silence for the planet. Love & blessings Your online energy shines through like always. Your vibration is so clear, present and I marvel at how much I feel you through the air waves, though I do miss your many variations I so enjoy when you manifest in person.
Tejas, USA
I’ve been telling the flow-ers here I’m attending the International TriYoga Conference, basking in the knowledge, basking in the joy. Loving this trinity!@ The Tejas Flow Made me shine. I loved it. Thank you. ~ JGD ~
Theresa, USA
Thank you Kaliji for these beautiful daily gifts! Yes please do continue to stretch us in body, spirit & mind ! I love your stories 🙂 Its wonderful to be in TriYoga community, Love to All JGD
Thiery, USA
Thank you Kaliji for gave us a complete practice! What a wonderful start of the day~~~even I just can't move now though (*'▽') I'm gonna stay in this field little while(^。^) Thank you Kaliji for letting us experience the floating innner journey!
Toshi, Japan
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