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THANK YOU YOGINI KALIJI for this gorgeous TriYoga Center. I was privileged to study and teach there, and am full of gratitude, fond memories and joy for the many classes,, workshops,, and TYTTs that i attended. To Kaliji, the many students and teachers - it was an honor to have shared this space with you. With Love, a grateful heart and in loving service ... JGD
Chandika Devi
My deepest gratitude to Kaliji for gifting us TriYoga Center Santa Cruz and blessing me with the opportunity to share her divine teachings there for 20 years. It has been a true joy to flow with TYCSC’s amazing teachers and students. I LOVE you all. The FLOW continues.
Tarini Devi
A more brillliant future is ahead, my guru once said. Well Done friends.
Sherry Morton
Incredible memories at TriYoga Center Santa Cruz. Blessed to meet so many wonderful souls to share the Flow with....permeated with Kalijis inspirational energy... this door gently closes so that others may open as TriYoga continues to grow and blossom... love you people and gratitude and love to Kaliji for bringing us together again and again in this wonderful setting
Gina Kray
The beautiful Santa Cruz center inspired the TriYoga Boston center. So many wonderful memories of being there. But now a new phase - the opportunity to study with Kaliji daily online.
TriYoga Boston
So many memories of studying Triyoga at this beautiful center of learning and enlightenment. Whoever buys this building will enjoy wonderful positive vibrations.
Harmony Ananda
I will never forget this beautiful and vibrant center where I first met Kaliji in person. Right there my TriYoga journey began and I started spreading TriYoga throughout Europe. So many beautiful programs, so many beautiful meetings and friendships with other TY teachers and students, so many beautiful and delicious meals after the programs at Jasmin's. Thanks for many more beautiful memories! Jaya Guru Devi
Eva-Maria Beck
I'm so sorry to hear this! It was a lovely space and full of wonderful souls!
Maretta Jeuland
The Triyoga Center in Santa Cruz was magical! I am sure all of us will miss it! I am so looking forward to onsite classes again!
Dee Woodward
Thank You for this message of love and happy memories! Thank you, Santa Cruz TriYoga Family, for having been a hOMe to so many Flowers from everywhere for all these years! Thank you all for many blissful moments, for always hearts and arms wide open! Let us all remain in the flow! Let us all come together daily online!
Mitradeva Hoffstiepel
Oh! I was wondering about this. . . My heart feels such sadness . . . And gratitude too. . .and love. . .oh my so many beautiful moments in this holy place over all the years. . . So many connections, friends made, transformation, tears and laughter. . .so much. I love you all I will miss this center.
Kashi Ananda Devi
Such a special place! Many happy memories! Thank you, Kaliji, Nandi, and Tarini, for making it possible!
Nancy Scarduzio Deckard
My first yoga classes and teacher training at this beautiful center 18 years ago has led to a whirlwind of experiences and an extended family around the world. Such an exceptional place sustained by Yogini Kaliji over the years! So happy for all of the wonderful teachers and flow-ers who have come through the TYC SC and continue to share the flow
Kelli Roberts
So sad about this. Lived in Santa Cruz for two years and went to Tri yoga usually three times a week. Good luck and namaste.
Louise Weidner
It was a rewarding renovation project on the church. I’m going to pretend I’m in one of these photos.
Susan McKaig
JGD, so so bittersweet. Remembering all the wonder and gifts the center brought into my life....all things must return in another form.
Kamala Paul
All of us will carry the legacy of flow and this beautiful yoga center in our hearts, bodies and spirits forever. Boundless thanks and gratitude!!
Jeanette Smith
This is the first hOMe for TriYoga that I knew outside of PA classes. I will miss the TY Center Santa Cruz greatly! What a beautiful, sacred hOMe! Thank you, Nandi, Tarini, Rishi, Santoshi, Kaliji, and all those who taught in Santa Cruz!!!! Deep pranams! JGD
Citrini Devi
So sorry to hear this news, and I’m so grateful that I got the chance to visit TYC Santa Cruz last December, I’m gonna miss it, forever!
Echo Zhang
I am so sorry , I have been coming to the center since it opened. Thank you for all the support and wonderful yoga classes throughout the years.
Gerlinde de Broekert
So many beautiful memories of our Santa Cruz roadtrips to spend precious time with Yogini Kaliji! Thank you for nurturing this beautiful space in which we could learn and share. Nandi Devi, Tarini Devi, Kashi Ananda Devi, Suze Pringle-Cohan, Rishi Dev, Santoshi Devi... So grateful to have spent time with you in this space. The love lives on!
Stacy Simons
Dear Kaliji & TriYoga Santa Cruz Team Knowing to be flexible in these changing times and learning to accept that which is, can have its challenges with the loss of something so special. I have a hard time imagining a TriYoga Center not being in Santa Cruz It's been so much of the community, as well as my life, for many years, and it's been a wonderful gift for which I have been most grateful! Thank you for all of the years of providing so much - the teaching has been really exceptional; and of course, the center has always been a space of peace, balance, and healing on so many levels. I have benefited greatly and carry what I have learned with me more than you probably know! If the vision is to re-open another center in Santa Cruz at a different time, please count me in for holding that vision right along with you. Thank you again for all of the wonderful years at TriYoga Santa Cruz. Peace, Love and Blessings.......JGD
Patty Baker
My great gratitude to Yogini Kaliji for 34 years at this beautiful TriYoga Center. I am so happy to have learned and taught here, and to have met so many wonderful people. I am grateful for the opportunity I and the other teachers have had to learn and to share Kaliji's transformational teachings. TriYoga Forever! The flow continues!
Nandi Devi
Thank You to Yogini Kaliji for the beautiful experience of TriYoga Center Santa Cruz! It was my TriYoga hOMe for five years, and where I did Basics-Level 3 teacher training. I lived a five-minute walk from the TYC. This special time changed my life forever. I have returned many times since then, and will miss the wonderful energy of flowing with Kaliji and TY family at the TYC. Happy the flow continues on! ~ ~ ~ Jaya Guru Devi
Rishi Dev
Congratulations on your longevity. I remember earliest classes.
Cynthia Copple
I loved the TriYoga Center! So many wonderful teachers & classes. Will miss it!!
Leela Vani
Happy memories of attending training and classes at the TriYoga Center at Santa Cruz In the flow.
Margaret Stockley
Will miss SC . Attended many great classes and one anniversary there
Robert Barbados
Big Love and blessings to the TriYoga family in Santa Cruz! What an honor it has been to practice at the Santa Cruz Sanctuary. Thank you Especially to Nandi and Tarini for holding the space on Washington St. For the magic to flow. I will continue to flow with Kali Ji and the TriYoga family via Zoom. With love, devotion and gratitude
Aloha Katie
Just thinking about this space and all the wonderful teachings I experienced there puts me in the flow. Grateful that I was able to be there. It will be truly missed. this studio had the most transformative energy I have ever experienced. So sad to see it go.
Leslie Dworkin
Deep gratitude to Kaliji and all the TY teachers who blessed these spaces with their special gifts. So many classes, satsangs, joyous celebrations of Kriya vatti, chant clubs, Prasad, dancing, and friends. A sacred place of retreat, renewal and prana Vidya. Thank you Kaliji, TY teachers, Mercury who worked to create this space, this hOMe always in my heart. TriYoga forever. JGD
Mary Kemper
The TYC Santa Cruz introduced me to so many amazing practices and people that remain with me now. I am grateful to have had such a beautiful place to learn for all those years.
Theresa Shay
Thank you blessed Yogini Kaliji for all you share. This space is so precious to me. A student for 8 years, attending classes at TriYoga Center Santa Cruz changed my life. My heart and gratitude to Tarini & Nandi for transmitting all that energy and wisdom! My Wednesday eve classes were an anchor for me each week and I always felt so blessed by the tenderness and heart energy. May it continue within us all. Onwards into the FLOW. Love to all. So many beautiful memories. The teachings, experience, spirit of the place, students and teachers, are forever in my heart. Immense love. Thank you for everything you have shared Nandi. Love always.
Susan Hunter
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am grateful for your teachings Nandi and Tarini and all the staff and helpers. You have helped bring a peacefulness to our hearts and harmony to the world. A great gift!
Ray Gale
It is with great sadness that I read about the closing of our yoga center. I started when it was on New St. and it has meant so much to me throughout the years.In this time of the pandemic, it seems like so much is leaving us yet their memories remain in my heart Thank you for the 34 years and your helping me find my way to my body. Your presence will be greatly missed and I am forever grateful for your presence. Namaste' with love, and Jaya Guru Devi
Blessings Kaliji. I know this is difficult to let go. You, and all of the teachers, have served countless souls. All of us will carry the legacy of flow and this beautiful yoga center in our hearts, bodies and spirits forever. Boundless thanks and gratitude!!
Glad I learned to love yoga here
Tania Duncan
So Many-Many-Many Memories Flowing -Flowing-Flowing ...Together as one Wave ....will always remember TriYoga SC Center, Kaliji, and all in my Heart....Part of me! All the Incredible TYTeachers who guided me on my TY journey and also remembering flowing with you and Kirtan and Kaliji and all with so much Gratitude ... All a Deep part of me all as a Wave of Love, Joy, Delight.... Bliss....Om
Mary Sevika
I will always remember the many times I drove over Hecker Pass from Gilroy to attend classes and teacher trainings in this beautiful space. I remember back to 1986 when I attended my first TriYoga class at their first studio. Thank you Kaliji for inspiring so many to experience the flow. Thank you Nandi and Tarini for your thorough teacher trainings
Paula Norman Goldsmith
Thank You Yogini Kaliji for TriYoga Center Santa Cruz ~ it was an amazing gift YOU gave, to me and so many others-- to create and maintain this space for so long, this incredible TriYoga Temple of learning, sharing, growing, flowing ~ it was a blessing to be a student there, to learn to teach there, always an honor to return there with YOGINI KALIJI, to be part of that cOMmunity and to see the blossoms from it spread around the world... to witness the magic flow of the completion ~ the puja during the visit in February and the completion on Guru Purnima... and surely endless other miracles I didn't see or know about... a multi-dimensional testament to KALIJI's life In the Flow ~ boundless generosity, and a flow of magic.
Santoshi Devi
Have adored this center for sooo many years. Beautiful vibration and such yoga knowledge! Thank You KALIJI for Your dedication and foresight in sponsoring these centers for so many years. So many of us found our hOMe there! In the flow
Medha Overbeck

Last Day • July 5, 2020 • Guru Purnima

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