TY Teacher Gina Kray, RN, BSN, has been teaching TriYoga to Veteran’s Affairs (VA) patients in Oceanside (San Diego, CA) for over 6 months.
“The classes are still ongoing and the patients love them. All of them have health challenges including diabetes, congestive heart failure, obesity, chronic pain, high blood pressure, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to name a few. TriYoga inspired them to change their diets and they have all experienced amazing benefits as you will discover as you read their testimonials. I did the study in partnership with another experienced nurse Carol Madden, RN, MSN, who also participated as a student  in the classes and who made the study possible. I have done this as a volunteer project that arose out of a clinical rotation that I did at the VA Oceanside clinic.” shares Gina.


 Rodney Davis
Before taking the TriYoga class I felt I was at my lowest point, physically and mentally. I have chronic pain problems and PTSD and I could barely move my right arm. Now my energy level has increased, I have better movement throughout my body, I am able to focus better, manage my anger better, I am able to relax and de-stress when I couldn’t in the past. I have been able to reduce my pain medications. I have already called friends of mine and let them know what I am doing, where I have been doing it and recommended it to people I know.
Steve Jones
The TriYoga class has helped me very much. My blood pressure is where it should be and I can do everyday things much easier like getting in my car, putting on my socks and shoes, getting dressed in the morning and it’s easier to do my workouts and I can breathe easier thanks to the yoga class. Gina and Carol are the best. I have been able to reduce my insulin from 180mL to 100mL and I have lost 20lbs because doing yoga inspired me to change my diet to more fruits and vegetables.
Ed Kline
When we started the TriYoga class my knees had severe arthritis and I could only walk so far. I no longer need knee braces, can move around much easier and feel good on most days. I look forward to the classes every Tuesday and Thursday. I believe more Vets (veterans) would like to be involved and classes should be expanded so others can experience what my classmates and I have. The class has helped my self-confidence. My classmates, yoga teacher and Carol are now my close friends who share our experiences with food, gardening and everyday life. I am more inspired to try harder to be healthier and happier with my life. Yoga has made me work towards being a much healthier person. This class teacher (Gina) and support adviser (Carol) have helped me and could do so much more for other Vets if given the chance. Yoga has helped me stick more to a better diet and I have lost 47lbs since I started.
  Sara Davis (wife of Rodney Davis)
The TriYoga pilot class this spring has made huge positive contributions to my husband’s health, mental and physical. Through participation he is using less pain medication and is feeling much better. He is able to move more comfortably with weather changes and even in the morning after sleep. His sleep is regulating with stretching and meditating. Yoga has encouraged him to follow up with eating more fruits and vegetables. I am an eyewitness to all the awesome benefits of yoga practice. We have been encouraged to try for over 10 years yet could not afford to go to classes. Working with Gina and Carol has been amazing. Not only are they helpful in teaching yoga practice, but all members have become a close knit healthy eating group. I have been lucky to be able to participate in the classes to support my husband. I see the huge benefit of practice provided to service members and caretakers.


There are plans to expand the program to include more patients. More nurses want to sponsor more classes. Gina is also teaching TriYoga twice weekly to substance abuse recovering patients at the VA Hospital in La Jolla, San Diego County (CA).