Each level of TY corresponds with cakras & element. Each level includes five main series namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Do five elements related to 7 primary cakras? And what’s the meaning and characteristics of five series in TY flows?


 The energies of all five elements are present in each TriYoga Level, and in each of the five primary series within each level. However, overall in each level/series one element energy is predominate.


Mūlādhāra         Earth       Level 1 Series 1
Svādhiṣṭhāna    Water       Level 2 Series 2
Maṇipūra           Fire          Level 3 Series 3
Anāhata             Air           Level 4 Series 4
Viśuddha           Space      Level 5 Series 5


To be clear:
Level 1 is Earth, Level 2 is Water, etc.
Series 1 is Earth, Series 2 is Water, etc.
Level 3, Series 4 would be Fire Level, Air Series.