photo of Kara with KalijiThe question of how long I’ve been practicing TriYoga has a few answers.
When I was younger, about 10 or 11 I think, my mom would bring me to class with her. I remember bringing stuff to play with, and a beach towel. Sometimes I would sit and play while she practiced TriYoga, and sometimes I would hop onto my beach towel and flow with her:).
I continued practicing on and off through High School. This was before I met Kaliji. I didn’t really get into it during that time, but there was a point I remember during High School when I was having a tough time figuring out who and what I was. I was pretty confused, as younger minds can be:). I didn’t like to hang out with a lot of my peers, but I really enjoyed going to yoga class with my mom. It definitely helped me through a tough spot.
Then I drifted away for a while, practicing on and off. I met Kaliji and saw how much my mom and so many people loved her. I thought she seemed real nice and great at yoga, but I think I was a little scared of her energy. I didn’t quite get it yet. I think I was still confused about who I was and how to relax into myself.
Then I moved to New York and started missing the yoga. I took some classes out here, but they were not the same. When I went home to California for a visit, I took a class from my mom and immediately felt a surge of blissful energy. I remember thinking, “Wow, we don’t have anything like this in New York, and we need it. This practice is amazing and New Yorkers would totally dig it.”
So I told my mom, “I’d like to learn to teach TriYoga.”
Or course, she was thrilled and super supportive. So, THIS is when I started seriously practicing TriYoga. About two years ago I got the DVDs and the basics manual and started a very regular home practice, taking classes in Massachusetts and California whenever I was there.
I’ve been practicing Speech Level Singing, the vocal technique I now teach, since I was eight years old. I’ve always really enjoyed it, though I have gone through some extremely frustrating times of not getting the technique and feeling like I never would. I’ve struggled as a student and as a teacher of this technique, dealing with what felt like mental blocks and a lack of confidence in my own ability to get it and teach it. Enter TriYoga.
The past two years have been huge for me. I feel that I have taken gigantic leaps in self discovery, awareness, acceptance, and self love. Practicing the flows has given me the gift of mind and body awareness. What I have found is that when I am aware of what is going on in my mind, I can better decide which thought patterns to focus on, and which ones to let go of. This had created so much space! Space for creativity, new knowledge, and just happiness. My new physical and mental awareness opened up a whole new world for me in life and in my singing. When I was able to really FEEL my voice while I was singing, to really reside in the present moment, I was suddenly able to improve my technique so much quicker. I was also more able to hear what other people were doing and help them improve their technique. This has been an amazing gift, to improve my musical craft and to share it with others.
And Kaliji. I think it was about a year ago when I took the marathon yoga philosophy class with Kaliji that I started to really understand what this amazing energy has to give. Sitting at Jasmine’s house for eight hours a day, listening to Kaliji speak about things that I may not have always absorbed, but still made so much sense. Just being with her for that much time filled me with simplicity and love. I felt so  happy and so free from the extra thoughts and worries that often clog our minds. That was also the first time I got to play my drum with Kaliji. This opened up a whole new world of inspiration for me as a musician. My home is now slowly filling up with different instruments, and I can’t stop playing them! 🙂
Every time I see Kaliji, when I can really open up to the moment, I find that my mind gets sort of cleansed. Everything becomes simple and I feel a great capacity to love.
I love Kaliji and TriYoga very much, and am endlessly thankful to have it all in my life, and to be able to share it with others.
Listen to Kara’s songs inspired by Kaliji here.