JGD Kaliji
Thank you for a wonderful practice Sunday. I was so happy to be a total student and dive into the flows with abandon. There were many moments when I felt I knew very little about TY – there was such an experience of depth and newness, I felt I was at the first step of pure wonder all over again.
A fellow yoga teacher from Napa accompanied me.
Afterwards she asked me if I still learn after studying it with you so many years. She was surprised by my resounding “Yes.” Also, she was curious as to how you “came up” with this style, asking if you had books, DVD’s etc. She takes classes from many teachers, gleaning nuggets here and there as she hones here own “style.” Our discussion afterwards really got me thinking about what we call “yoga” in this modern era replete with charismatic teachers and their ever evolving styles. I hope you don’t mind if I share my thoughts with you….
The idea that there are all these styles of yoga and that TY is one of them I find inaccurate. I explained to her how TY arose and shared my opinion that it isn’t really a “style” – rather it is pure yoga, that it is the perfect intersection of the core yogic principles -which must be experienced to be understood. To call it a style is an oversimplification.
We had quite an interesting discussion (as you might guess). To answer why I had stuck with TY all these years, I tried to explain to her that the nature of the TY flows deprogram the discordant life energy and reprogram it with a sattvic current; that the experience is sometimes intense on various levels, but always expansive and transformative. I added that it is because of this depth that our own true knowledge is awakened and that we constantly learn because this type of knowledge is inexhaustible.
Many thanks again,
with love,