Zoom Guidelines

Guidelines for joining the Live Online session through Zoom:
1. Click on the link to the Live Online session (here) to join the Zoom meeting. You will be prompted to download and install the Zoom app for your device. Alternatively, download the app directly via one of these links:


Zoom for MacOS/Windows
Zoom for iOS      Zoom for Android


After the app opens to the meeting, you will be prompted to enter your screen name and email address (not visible to others). Once the session begins, you will be automatically admitted to the meeting room.
Tutorial  video:



2. View options:
The meeting opens to Full Screen view by default.

To exit Full Screen view, go to View Options at the top of the window and choose “Exit Full Screen.” To return to Full Screen view, choose “Enter Full Screen.”
In Full Screen view, hover the pointer over the bottom of the screen to reveal the menu options (Chat, Q&A).

In Full Screen view, the Chat/Q&A panels open in floating windows.

When not in Full Screen view, the Chat/Q&A panels open in a sidebar.


3. Use the chat room for general comments and to allow other attendees to know you are in the meeting. For questions, use the separate Q&A panel.


Choose “All panelists and attendees” to make your chat entries visible to all. Choose “All panelists” if you want only the Live Online team to see the chat entry.
4. There is a separate panel for Q&A:



5. Contact info@triyoga.com for assistance if needed.